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From your car to your couch, your tropical vacation to your teeth, with CAA Insurance you can drive, travel and simply live your life knowing you are protected.


An accident isn’t something you plan on. But it is something you can plan for. That’s why we offer flexible coverage tailored to suit your needs.

What You Get   (read more...)

  • 24-hour claims service
  • The choice of where your car is repaired.
  • Responsible Driver Advantages
  • Forgive and Forget ® plans
  • Free access to a CAA Connect™ device to unlock really big discounts.
  • Winter Tire Discounts
  • Members save up to 20%


When you purchase both auto and property insurance with us receive extra perks beyond just a discount, like CAA Tire Coverage, and CAA Legal Expense Insurance.


We understand that having the right insurance is very important. Whether you own or rent, we have the coverage options for you.

What You Get   (read more...)

  • 24-hour claims service
  • The Choice of who fixes your home or property
  • Access to optional coverages like Sewer Backup, Home Equipment Breakdown and Identity Theft
  • Members save 10%


Sunscreen isn’t the only form of protection you are going to need on your next vacation. Once out of Ontario, OHIP does not fully cover your medical bills. Simple things like stitches, a sprained ankle, or a prescription can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, and without a travel medical insurance plan, you’re left paying it all out of pocket. Don’t fret; with our new and improved emergency travel medical insurance plans, we’ll give you more coverage than your bathing suit.

What You Get   (read more...)

CAA Members SAVE 5% *
Up to $5,000,000 of coverage with NO DEDUCTIBLES **
No medical questionnaire under 60 years old ***
Kids are covered FREE on travel medical family plans ****
Travel more than once per year? Ask us about our Multi-Trip Plans to save ****

*Policies contain conditions, limitations and exclusions.
**Valid on all plans except Visitors to Canada.
***$25,000 maximum applies to Canadian residents without Government Health Insurance Plan coverage.
****Valid on travel medical single and Multi-Trip policies with two adults.

Which Policy is Right for You?   (read more...)

Depending on your plan, travel insurance can help protect you from unforeseen medical expenses, trip cancellation, baggage loss and even document loss.

Emergency Medical Plans (medical only).

An unforeseen illness or injury while you’re travelling can turn the trip of your dreams into a financial nightmare. Emergency medical and dental expenses and the costs that surround them can be greatly reduced, and in some cases completely covered by purchasing this affordable coverage.

Vacation Package Plans (medical and non-medical).

Baggage or personal property could be lost, travel documents could go missing or a medical emergency could happen without warning, but with a Vacation Package Plan, you can protect yourself against the financial strain of these and other common emergencies.

Multi-Trip Plans.

If you are a frequent flyer and travel often, it might be worthwhile considering a Multi-Trip Plan that covers you for multiple trips; daily plans are generally for those travelling just once a year. But whether you’re taking a trip across the border, a week-long trip out west or an extended vacation overseas, travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself before you go.


No matter what stage of life you’re at, we have a life insurance plan that’s right for you – at affordable low rates.

Your Options   (read more...)

Term life Insurance

5-Year Term Life

A great short-term solution to protect your family and your assets. The premiums are guaranteed not to go up for five years, making it very practical when you’re just starting out.

20-Year Term Life

A good option for when you’re looking for a financial cushion to cover long-term needs, like a mortgage or post-secondary education, so your family can live the life you want for them without making financial sacrifices. You’ll get affordable rates guaranteed not to increase for 20 years.

Both Plans Include

  • Coverage in amounts from $50,000 up to $500,000
  • Savings of 15% off for $250,000 or more of coverage
  • Living Benefit cash advance in the event of a terminal diagnosis, to use as you see fit
  • Option to convert to a longer term plan
  • Guaranteed renewable

CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

If you’ve had trouble finding life insurance, don’t let that get in the way of helping protect your family’s financial future. As a CAA Member between the ages of 40 and 75, your approval is guaranteed – regardless of your current health or medical history.

CAA FollowMe™ Life

Concerned you'll have difficulty finding replacement life insurance coverage, due to your age or health, when your group life coverage ends? Our FollowMe™ Life Insurance provides simple, affordable life insurance coverage – giving you a convenient, easy way to maintain the valuable protection you and your family shouldn’t be without.

CAA Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Few of us want to think about the reality of finding out we have a serious illness, or think about how we’d cope with the costs of such a diagnosis. But it is very likely that health care services, special drugs, travel or homecare would not be covered by your group benefits or government health insurance plan. The CAA Critical Illness plan provides you with comprehensive coverage for: cancer, coronary bypass or aortic surgery, heart attack or stroke.

CAA EarlyStart™ Child Term Life

In the event that the unthinkable happens to your child, expenses should be the last thing on your mind. If tragedy strikes your child or grandchild, CAA EarlyStart™ plan will ensure that financial considerations don't add to your family's burden, with a tax-free lump-sum payment of up to $35,000. Plus your child or grandchild will have the option of converting their life insurance coverage to CAA 5-Year Term Life or 20-Year Term Life when they become an adult, without a medical exam or questionnaire required at the time of conversion.


Canadian families are spending an increasing share of their household income on health care, yet employer-sponsored plans are now leaner than ever before. CAA Health & Dental Insurance plans can help you save on family health care expenses not covered by your government health plan, provide coverage if you don’t have a group plan at work, or simply top up your coverage by adding to your existing health plan.

Your Options  (read more...)

  • No waiting period so benefits start on the first day of the month following approval.
  • No deductibles or co-payments on Extended Health Care benefits
  • CAA Pay Direct card for fast, convenient claims submission.
  • Reduced rates for couples and families with 3 or more children.
  • Enhanced coverage for seniors who may no longer have group benefits from work.
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee and more.
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