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Your Membership


Choose the Membership level that’s right for you and before long you will see for yourself that we are more than just Roadside Assistance. Check out the different Membership levels and what you can get with your CAA Membership.

Top Member Benefits:

  • Most trusted Roadside Assistance coverage in Canada, US and 120 countries worldwide
  • Your CAA Membership covers you in any vehicle (not just your own, including rentals), even if you are the passenger
  • Exclusive Partner Savings of up to 30% off at over 160,000 partner locations
  • Best in Class Insurance Savings (Home, Auto and Travel)
  • World’s largest member-based travel agencies that can help you plan your next vacation with perks you couldn’t get when you book on your own

Choose the right Membership for you!



Just perfect for around the town drivers.

$6.67 / month1
or $80.00 / year


Driving from one end of the
city to the other and road trips.

$10.83 / month1
or $130.00 / year


Long distance coverage and extra perks.

$13.75 / month1
or $165.00 / year

Number of Service Calls




Towing Distance

10 KM

200 KM

4x200 KM
1x320 KM

Full List of Membership Services and Benefits

Easy Ways To Pay Your Membership

CAA’s Monthly Payment Plan. Great for budgeters - Earn 10 CAA Dollars® when you sign up and you can have your membership dues automatically paid monthly from your credit card or bank withdrawal. You can enroll in CAA’s Monthly Payment Plan online with your credit card. To enroll in the bank withdrawal option, please call toll-free 1-844-252-3648 for more information, as this option is not available by mail-in enrollment or online. By choosing CAA’s Monthly Payment Plan you authorize us to charge your account for the amount due. Every year, at renewal time, we’ll send you a billing statement to remind you of this arrangement and show changes (if any) to the amounts for the upcoming year. Your authorization remains in effect for each 12-month membership year. If you choose this method of payment you can earn 10 CAA Dollars® – which CAA Dollars can be used towards next year renewal or to make a purchase in our CAA Travel Stores.

CAA's Express Renewal. Fast and Easy - Earn 10 CAA Dollars® when you sign up and have your Membership dues deducted from your credit card so it's all taken care of. We'll send you your statement a couple of months before your renewal period for your records. Opt to use Express Renewal and earn 10 CAA Dollars® just for signing up. Use them towards next year's renewal, travel merchandise or your next Travel getaway.

*Pricing above does not include taxes. Taxes will be added at time of purchase.


You can add a family member to your Membership and extend the same great benefits of CAA’s Roadside Assistance, Travel and Member Rewards for your entire family. Make sure they are safe wherever their travels take them.

Terms and Conditions  (read more...)

CAA Classic® Roadside benefits become active 24 hours following activation. CAA Plus®/Plus RV® and CAA Premier® Roadside benefits become active 48 hours following activation (or upgrades).

*Conditions apply. Partners and offers subject to change without notice.

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