Road Tripping with Rover

How to plan a pet-friendly adventure

A woman and her dog looking out a car windowGetting ready to head out on a road trip adventure this summer but not sure what to do with your beloved family pet while you’re away? Why not take them with you! With a little planning and some patience you can enjoy a stress-free holiday with your furry friend. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re travelling with your pet.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before heading out on that epic adventure with Fido in tow, make sure you and your pet have done some shorter practice trips around your neighbourhood. You don’t want to hop on the highway only to discover your pet isn’t a calm and happy passenger.

Keep them Comfortable

Make sure your pet is comfortable in the car. That means keeping the temperature at a moderate level, scheduling regular rest stops every two to four hours for exercise, bathroom and water breaks, and always attaching their leash before opening the car door. You should also be bringing along a favourite blanket or toy to keep your pet less stressed with the happy reminder of home.

Stay Together

Never leave your animal alone in a vehicle. Instead of heading into a restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat, look for places with picnic tables and take-out so you and your pet can sit together while you eat. Certain hotels, while pet-friendly, do not allow you to leave your pet in the room unattended. Make sure you check their pet policy before booking and make your plans accordingly.

Proper ID

You’re not the only one who needs to travel with valid ID. Make sure your pet is wearing tags that clearly list your name, home address and phone number. It’s also a good idea to have a special travel tag that lists the address and phone number of where you’ll be staying. Microchips are another way to make sure your pet is returned safely if you unexpectedly part ways.

Cross Border Checklist

If you’re planning on crossing into the United States, you’ll need to present an official health certificate for your cat or dog. You must also provide proof your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, so make sure you have your vaccination records handy. Your vet can help you with the health certificate, but you’ll need to see them well in advance of your trip to make sure you have plenty of time to get the necessary documents before you leave home.

In Case of Emergency

As anyone who owns pets knows, accidents can and do happen. Make sure you’re prepared to help your pet in case of emergency. Keep a list of emergency vet hospitals near where you’ll be travelling just in case you need to seek quick medical attention.

Assess Your Pet’s Health

An honest assessment of your pet’s health is key to their comfort while on the road. Does your dog suffer from arthritis? Then a six-hour car trip may not be ideal. If your pet is too fragile to travel, it may be best to leave them at home. Ask your vet or at a local pet store for some recommendations for pet-sitters or boarding kennels.

Have Fun!

Travelling with your pet can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you’ve done your research and found pet-friendly accommodations and attractions, then taking your fluffy friend along on the adventure can be easy.