Habits of an Eco-Friendly Driver

A cartoon car with a plant coming out of it.

Reduce your environmental impact by following these fuel saving tips from CAA

You don’t need to own a hybrid to be a more environmentally friendly driver. You can help the environment, and significantly reduce your fuel consumption, just by making a few small changes to the way your drive. According to a recent CAA poll, about half of Canadians have already taken steps to cut the environmental impact of driving. Following these simple tips can help reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 25% according to Natural Resources Canada.

Smooth Sailing

Avoid rapid acceleration and hard braking. According to a study reference by Natural Resources Canada, this type of driving increases fuel consumption by up to 39%!

Don’t Idle

Try and turn off your engine if you are not in traffic and stopping for more than 60 seconds.

Under Pressure

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. This helps reduce rolling resistance by optimizing road contact area, resulting in better traction and fuel efficiency.

Drop the Weight

Remove excess weight such as roof racks when not in use. If you need to use your roof rack, try to arrange items in steps with lower items at the front. Vehicle weight is a major contributor to higher fuel consumption – for every 45 kilograms of extra weight you carry in your vehicle, fuel consumption can increase by 2%.

Reduce Your Speed

As you increase speed, more power is needed to push the car through the air. Driving at lower speeds can greatly reduce fuel consumption. Tests have shown that most cars use about 20% less fuel when they are driven at 90 km/h instead of 110 km/h.

Combine Trips

Combine your trips to save time and fuel. By running all your errands in one trip, more travelling will take place when the engine is warmed up and most efficient.