Four Signs Your Car Battery Needs to be Replaced

Check for these signs to find out if your car battery may be on its way out

Did you know that the average car battery has a lifespan of between three and five years? If your battery is in that range, pay attention to the following signs that may indicate it’s on its way out.

Your Car Won’t Start
Okay, so this one’s a little on the obvious side, but when you’re constantly dealing with a dead battery and needing a boost just to get the engine going, it may be time to for a replacement.

Slow to Start
If it takes longer for your car to start than usual, that could also be a sign your battery needs to be replaced. It should only take a few seconds for the engine to rev to life.

Examine Your Habits
Your driving habits can impact the longevity of your car battery. Short trips sap a battery’s life faster since there isn’t enough time to fully charge the battery between trips. Extended periods of inactivity can also shorten a car battery’s lifespan. If you’re heading out on holidays it might be a good idea to have a friend or family member take your car for a short spin around the block. Or, check out the CAA Battery Tender, which charges your car battery even when your car is parked.

Check the Condition
Pop the hood and take a look at the condition of your battery. Look for buildup around the terminals, signs of corrosion or stains that may mean you have a leak.

Help keep the motor running longer by checking out our tips for getting more from your car battery. While getting a boost may get you going again, don’t let an aging battery keep you sidelined. CAA’s Mobile Battery Service will deliver and install a battery that’s right for your vehicle at home, work or any other location that’s convenient for you. Plus, we’ll recycle your old battery so you won’t have to!