Get to Know our Travel Experts

Business Development Manager & Solo Travel Guru Tina Richardson lets us in on some of her greatest travel moments and tips

You’ve probably seen our Business Development Manager, Tina Richardson strutting her travel stuff at one of our Travel Talks, Solo Traveller Club events or even on our YouTube channel. Having worked in the travel industry for more than 25 years, she’s no stranger to exploration. We sat down with Tina to talk about her adventures and life as a travel connoisseur. From Middle Eastern journeys to magical Walt Disney World experiences, she’s done it all, and wants to share it with you!

CAA Travel: How long have you been working for CAA?

Tina Richardson: I have been with CAA for 5 years, and there’s never been a dull moment. I started my career at CAA on a 4 month contract as a Training Consultant but I enjoyed it so much, I never left! 

Did you have a background in travel before coming on board?

I started in the travel industry way back in 1988 as a trainer for a travel software company, but my job at CAA allows me to share both my travel knowledge and my passion for exploring. The best of both worlds for sure.

What is your current position like?

My role is focused around business development. You will find me out and about in the community hosting Solo Traveller Club events, Travel Talks, etc. I also help set up special group events and vacations.

It sounds like there are plenty of things to do in your position. What do you love most about your job?

Talking about travel. Hands down. But I also love getting out there and meeting the Members. It’s always a proud moment when a long-standing Member takes the time to show me their card and tells me about their tenure. The stories are amazing!

Do you have any travel specialties?

Solo Travel is my specialty. I host a Solo Traveller Club and develop trips specifically designed with solo travellers in mind. Right now I’m pretty excited about our Treasures of Tuscany tour departing in October. As a small group with lots of fun outings, it’s a really unique itinerary. Best of all, it’s based on single occupancy, meaning everyone gets their own room with no supplements. Making travel accessible to everyone is very important to me so I take a lot of pride in what we do at the Solo Traveller Club.

Clearly you have a lot of travel know-how up your sleeve, but do you have a great piece of travel advice you’ve received from someone else in the past?

Don’t ever skimp on travel insurance. Never. If you can’t afford to insure the trip, you can’t afford to take it.  

What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

Possibly my trip to Israel. While there was much unrest during my time there, that will never overshadow how utterly amazing it was to see the sights of Jerusalem and walk those steps in the Via Dolorosa. The town of Nazareth was remarkable and my boat ride on the Sea of Galilee is a moment in my life I will never forget.

So Israel was your best vacation, but what about an all-time favourite travel destination?

I have worked in many interesting places, and seen lots of amazing sights. One destination that I have to work into the rotation on a regular basis is Walt Disney World. I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney. That man had spirit like no other, a spirit that lives on. I never tire of the magic!

Look for Tina around the CAA Community or join our Solo Traveller Club to say hello, meet some new friends and learn all about our upcoming trips!