Where to Go Now: Croatia

by Tessa Marson


From Slavic churches to Viennese mansions, Roman columns to Venetian palazzos, contemporary Croatia is a cultural mosaic of the kingdoms and empires that once ruled it. Its unique cities, vibrant vineyards, pristine beaches and more than one thousand islands give travellers myriad options to explore.


On the coast of the Adriatic, the seaside town of Opatija is set at the foot of Mt. Učka and surrounded by woods of bay laurel. Rocky and picturesque, its natural scenic beauty has made the town a popular summer and winter escape for both Croatians and tourists alike.


Hemmed by densely-forested hills, the National Park in mainland Croatia is home to an incredible ribbon of lakes and more than 90 gushing waterfalls. Boardwalks snake past the moss covered travertine, allowing you to step into this bewitching waterworld.


History unfolds before your eyes in this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubrovnik is world renowned for the monasteries and baroque architecture that line its marble streets. Be sure to catch the cable car up to Mt. Srđ for the most breathtaking views of the old town’s vivid orange-red roofs and the Adriatic Sea.


This electric city is much more than a transportation hub to the hip Croatian party islands nearby – so be sure to wander through the labyrinth of narrow passageways, corridors and streets and make your way to the one of the world’s most impressive Roman ruins: Diocletian’s Palace.

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