Four Signs Your Car Battery Needs to be Replaced

Did you know that the average car battery has a lifespan of between three and five years? If your battery is in that range, pay attention to the following signs that...

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Five Tips for Getting More from Your Car Battery

Your car battery can take a pounding. Driving kilometre after kilometre causes some serious wear and tear on this vital component of your vehicle’s health. Following...

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On Wednesday, August 20 at TD Place in Ottawa, 14 lucky CAA NEO Members and their guests had a chance to witness an Ottawa REDBLACKS practice at the brand new TD...

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Rule the Road in an RV

Getting out and enjoying the open road in a big RV can be an amazing adventure, but if you’ve never been behind the wheel of one of these bad boys before, there are a...

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Keep Safe in the Sun

Sometimes we’re tricked into believing we’re protected from the sun’s rays by a breeze or by a shady area. The truth is if you’re outside in the sun, there’s no...

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