CAA offers a number of unique services that are intended to protect CAA Members from unexpected difficulties associated with travelling by car.

Trip Accident Assistance

If you're in a collision more than 200 kilometres from your home and your vehicle still cannot be driven safely up to 72 hours after the collision is reported, CAA will reimburse you up to $300 (up to $500 for CAA Plus Members) to be used for ONE of the following:

Local lodging and meals: or
commercial rental car: or
commercial transportation via airline, train, or bus to your original destination or back home
To be eligible for a reimbursement, submit a copy of the police accident report and the original receipts for your expenditures to your local CAA Store within 60 days of the accident.

Legal Defence Benefits

If you are charged with a traffic offense under the Highway Traffic Act anywhere in the world, and legal defence is recommended, CAA will reimburse you for eligible expenses according to the CAA Schedule of Legal Fees. Be sure to contact your CAA Store to verify coverage for paralegal services. Note: Not applicable for parking offenses, all cases involving intoxicating beverages and drugs or violations under the criminal code. Reimbursements will not be issued to members of the Bar. Your CAA Membership must be valid at the time of the offense

Public Service Activities

Since its beginning, CAA has worked closely with schools, law enforcement agencies, governments and private industry to educate the public about transportation, vehicle and traffic safety, as well as relevant consumer and travel issues.

Traffic Law Advisory Service

CAA offers Members free advice on auto insurance claims, rules of the road and licensing of motor vehicles. If you are charged with a traffic violation, CAA will provide assistance through paralegal advice, where available, at a special Member rate. Excluded are parking offences, all cases involving drugs, intoxicating beverages or violation sunder the Criminal Code. For more information call (613) 820-1890.

Member Reimbursement

If CAA/ AAA service is not available, the Member may make alternate arrangements to pay for the services. Submit the original, legitimate business invoice bearing the Member's name to your home CAA Club within 30 days from date of service. Reimbursement will be based on the prevailing commercial rates for the area where the vehicle was disabled. Similarly, if CAA/AAA service was available but alternate service was obtained, the reimbursement will be based on the CAA/AAA contract rate for the area of the breakdown.

Full reimbursement will be provided for all eligible services where CAA/AAA contractor service is legally restricted (such as toll roads and limited access highways)

Remember to call CAA/AAA first. If CAA/AAA services are available but not used, reimbursement will be made at the CAA/AAA Contractor rate.

Click here to download the reimbursement form for Club 290 Members.