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Group Membership - Let CAA be the driving force behind your business.

Over the past several years, organizations, associations and companies have taken advantage of CAA North & East Ontario's (CAANEO) Group Membership program to enhance their profits, employee benefits and rewards programs. CAA Group Memberships will enhance your current company benefits and production at little to no cost. Let CAA be the driving force behind your business by allowing your staff and Members to focus on business and savings, and remain on the road 24/7 in any work or personal vehicle as passengers or drivers.

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CAA North & East Ontario is a trusted auto club delivering unequalled value to our Members across North America in areas of Emergency Road Services, Member's Savings and Rewards, Full Service Travel Agency, Home & Auto Insurance and other related services and benefits. To this end we conduct our business in a progressive, professional and efficient manner, take up advocacy issues while supporting the objectives of over 55 million CAA and AAA Members.

CAA's Group Membership Program recognizes the unique needs of large and small companies and organizations covering a wide spectrum of products, services and budgets. Memberships are available to any number of company or organization staff and their immediate family to buy on their own, or for a minimum number of company bought Memberships through payroll deductions or other convenient payment methods.

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CAA North East Ontario Employee Benefits Program Overview

Corporate Member Exclusive Employee Benefit Offer

Member Exclusive Offer

CAA North East Ontario (NEO) has created an alliance with one of Canada's leaders in the Employee Benefit consulting world in order to offer our corporate members access to top level employee benefit coverage and services at extremely competitive prices.
Recognizing that many of our corporate clients are faced with very real economic pressures CAA (NEO) in partnership with Capital Benefit www.capitalbenefit.ca has developed three levels of coverage for employees and their dependents, which allows flexibility in both design and pricing.
All three (Platinum-Gold-Silver) packages include first class brokerage services provided through Capital Benefit Financial Group Inc., including:

  • Provide custom online quoting tool via CAA website
  • Each quote request will get a full market review guaranteeing lowest price available
  • E-mailed proposal within 10 business days with "best priced" option highlighted
  • Phone call follow-up for questions etc (anywhere in Canada)
  • Complete enrollment support (e-mail/phone)
  • 1-800 dedicated CAA Association Benefit Plan service line (Monday-Fri 8am to 4pm EST)
  • Online HR support www.capitalhub.ca
  • Employee access to online Wellness Portal www.mywellnessjourney.ca

Why Employee Benefits?

Why Employee Benefits?

Here are just a few good reasons to start offering a benefits package:

Attract & retain talent

  1. Employers who hope to retain solid, hard-working employees should be prepared to offer basic employee benefits. In addition to salary, good benefits provide important resources that not only help build a positive working relationship between employer and employee but also promote good work habits and financial practices.
  2. Employee benefits will vary depending on the employer, and it is important for business owners to carefully consider their options.

Healthy, happy employees are more productive

  1. By offering competitive benefits you can endear your company to employees and make a good name for yourself in the industry, meaning that the next time you go to hire you'll have the cream of the crop turning out to apply.

The role of a Benefit Broker

The Role of a Benefits Broker

The employee benefit broker/consultant represents both the employer and employees best interest when it comes to building and sustaining quality affordable employee benefit programs.

The role of Employee Benefit Consulting encompasses several areas of expertise. Given the ever changing healthcare system in Canada and the deteriorating health of Canadians, combined with an overall heightened awareness of fiscal responsibility, benefit brokers have never been more important.

The Capital Benefit Team has a focus of providing clients with the knowledge necessary to confidently understand all aspects related to their Employee Benefit program. Clients who know the facts are better positioned to make educated business decisions when needed.

Key services include but are not limited to:

  • Plan design audits and recommendations
  • Industry specific trend reporting
  • Intermediary between client and carrier
  • Industry news and legislative changes
  • Plan design reviews and recommendations with pricing impact illustrations
  • Funding arrangement reviews and recommendations with pricing impact illustrations
  • Quarterly claims reporting with renewal pricing predictions and commentary
  • Annual renewal pricing negotiations with carriers
  • Annual renewal reporting and presentation
  • US benefit consulting services for companies with US exposure

Packages Available

CAA North East Ontario Benefit Program Details

Benefits Packages
Platinum Gold Silver
Employee Life Insurance 2 x Annual Income 1 x Annual Income Flat $25,000
Employee Accidental Death and Dismemberment Same as Life Same as Life Same as Life
Dependent Life Insurance (Spouse and Children) $20,000/$10,000 $10,000/$5,000 N/A
Short Term Disability Yes N/A N/A
Long Term Disability Yes Yes N/A
Health Care 100% 100% 100%
Drug Card 100% 80% 50%
Basic Dental 100% 80% 50%
Major Dental 60% 50% N/A

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