Long Distance Calling Card Benefit Update to Benefit:

The CAA Premier® Prepaid Long Distance Calling Card* will no longer be offered as of September 1st, 2015.

Existing long distance minutes are not affected by this change and Members can continue to use any free minutes already received for up to 24 months after they were issued, up until September 1st, 2017.

This benefit has been pre-loaded on you CAA Premier Membership card, and will provide Premier Members with the following services up until, September 1st, 2017:

• 60 long-distance minutes on calls originating within Canada to Canada and the USA2
• Long distance calls from any type of phone: wireless, home, office, and public telephone
• Ability to call overseas destinations (Minutes will vary based on destination) **
• Premier Members who have existing minutes after September 1st 2015 can use their
   minutes up to September 1st 2017.

Please note new minutes will not be issued, once existing minutes have been used.***

Easy to Use

• Only one phone number is required to make a call
• Dial the access number 1-866-560-6575
• When prompted, enter your 16-digit Premier Membership number
• Then, enter the phone number you want to call
• You will hear the Dollar balance available on the card.

Remember: Your PIN number is also your 16-digit Premier Membership number

For Customer service call :  1-866-560-6574

Long Distance Rates

The initial prepaid long distance benefit contains 60 minutes for calls within Canada and the USA. Minutes for overseas calls will vary by destination.

United Kingdom 23

Australia 16

Belgium 19

Brazil 8

China 18

Colombia 8

Dominican Republic 6

France 21

Germany 21

Greece 12

Hong Kong 19

Ireland 20

Israel 18

Italy 23

Japan 15

Lebanon 7

Malaysia 11

Mexico 7

Philippines 4

Poland 10

Portugal 15

Spain 23

Switzerland 23

Ukraine 5

* Offer limited to one 60-minute calling card per Premier Member per membership year. Value of card is non-refundable or returnable for credit.
** Calls originating and terminating in northern British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are subject to a surcharge. Additional surcharge applies to calls originating from the United States. A payphone charge may apply. The prepaid long distance benefit contains 60 minutes for calls originating within Canada to Canada or the USA. The minutes available will be calculated based on the balance of the card, divided by the destination called rate. Please see included chart for overseas destinations minutes. If the Member calls from the United States or overseas, a different rate will be applied which will result in less than 60 free minutes. Calls originating from the United States to Canada will provide 17 free minutes.
***  All unused minutes will remain on the card until used by the Member or up until September 1st 2017 from the date of the issue of the minutes or first call or, whichever happens first. 5 minutes available for certain cities within a country, and certain overseas cellular phones, may be lower or higher than indicated.