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Open road

Provision of Service

Roadside Assistance is provided to CAA Members upon presentation of their valid CAA Membership card. CAA Membership benefits are NOT transferable; therefore, service will not be provided if the vehicle and/or Membership card is in the possession of a non-member.  Your CAA Membership is personal, which means individuals are covered, not cars.

CAANEO reserves the right to downgrade, cancel, revoke, not renew a membership, refuse service, impose a surcharge or cancel the membership of any Member for any reason, including but not limited to abuse of CAA services or failure to comply with the Member responsibilities in the outlined terms and conditions.

Service Limitations

If your vehicle cannot be made operable CAA will assist you in finding the nearest open place of repair. If a repair facility cannot be located, CAA North & East Ontario will assist you in obtaining lodging or alternative transportation, which will be at your expense.

Services Not Covered by your Membership

  • Collision towing, where the policy of an insurance company owned by a provincial Crown Corporation operating exclusively within a province pre-empts CAA service.
  • Second or additional trips by the service person on any one call, including re-tows from a residence, to a repair facility or from repair facility to repair facility.
  • Abandoned vehicles, towing a vehicle to a salvage yard, a vehicle that has failed a safety inspection, an impounded vehicle due to a legal infraction, and vehicles that are not plated or licensed or have expired registration stickers.
  • Service to a vehicle willfully driven into an area not regularly travelled, e.g., vacant lot, open fields, beaches, private or recreational roads, yards, gravel, mud or snow filled driveways or alleys (service persons will not shovel snow), construction sites, unmaintained roads, frozen bodies of water, fire routes or other locations which cannot be reached safely. Note: a CAA tow driver has the right to assess the road and determine whether it is passable.
  • Transportation of vehicles or trailers from one place to another where there is no mechanical issue.
  • Service to school buses, motorcycles (under Classic Membership), and vehicles for hire, identified as taxis and limousines.
  • Vehicles modified from original manufacture specifications are not covered under any Membership.
  • Vehicles that are being used as courier or delivery vehicles.
  • Vehicles that have been raised, lowered or have oversized tires are not covered under any Membership (winter tires are not considered a modification).
  • Vehicles that have additional equipment such as salt spreaders or water tanks or plow blades, are not covered under any Membership level unless the equipment is removed.
  • Charges for towing light duty trailers may be the responsibility of the Member. Trailers, including motorcycle cargo trailers, are covered only by RV Memberships.
  • Impound and storage fees due to towing as a result of infractions of local ordinances or laws.
  • Loaded vehicles may not be eligible for service. We may ask you to unload your vehicle prior to providing service.
  • If a second service driver is required, the service will count as two service calls.  This includes, but is not limited to safety blocker, second winch truck, help loading a vehicle, and some tows out of an underground facility.
  • Members may NOT request flatbed service trucks.
  • Roadside assistance is NOT provided for fleets.
  • Membership services cannot be used for mechanic garages, dealerships or used car brokers.
  • Cost of parts, labour, and repairs.
  • Damage to a locked vehicle resulting from an attempt to gain entry.
  • Transportation to and/or from your disabled vehicle. (But CAA will help make arrangements for you at your expense.)
  • Loss, damages or unsatisfactory workmanship resulting from an ERS facility providing the service. In most areas, ERS facilities are independent business and are not employees of CAA or its affiliates.  CAA will help mediate between the member and contractor any vehicle repairs and damage complaints as a result from Road service provided by the contactor.  If your vehicle cannot be made operable by providing services as listed, CAA will assist you in finding the nearest open place of repair.
  • Charges for services that exceed the benefits listed will be at the prevailing hourly service call rate or mileage rate of the region where service is provided.  Rules and privileges of Emergency Road Service are subject to change without notice.
  • Motorcycles with or without a sidecar are covered under CAA Plus coverage.  However, due to differences in service terms in the U.S. Members should expect to pay for service provided to motorcycles while travelling in the U.S. and may submit their original receipts to their Club for reimbursement.
  • Transportation of trailers / vehicles.
  • Service on a vehicle with a dealer’s plate/permit or a service plate/permit.
  • Service to a vehicle that was inoperable when it was purchased.
  • Service to a vehicle deemed, by the service provider, as unsafe and not roadworthy, or in an advanced state of disrepair.

In most areas, Emergency Roadside facilities are independent businesses and are not employees of CAA or its affiliates. CAA will help mediate between the Member and contractor, any vehicle repairs, damage or complaints as a result of roadside assistance services provided by the contractor.

CAA NEO's goal is to provide you with the highest quality Roadside Assistance service available.

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