CAA Supports Improvements to Air Traveller Rights recommended in federal report

CAA, one of Canada’s largest leisure travel agency operators, called for improvements to Canadians’ air traveller rights, which currently lag the United States and Europe. In the review, CAA also raised awareness of the high cost of flying and the need for more efficient airport security screening, both of which are reflected in the report.

“This is a step in the right direction for air travellers in Canada,”said Jeff Walker, vice president public affairs at CAA. “We’re looking forward to working with the federal government as it examines these recommendations, which could significantly increase consumer protection for Canadian air travellers.”

The report recommendations came as part of a comprehensive review of the Canada Transportation Act, which governs the federally regulated rail, marine and aviation sectors.

The report suggests:

  • Harmonizing with the United States and the European Union’s air passenger rights, which currently provide better protection for travellers;
  • Giving the Canadian Transportation Agency the power to undertake investigations and make industry-wide, all-carrier rules in cases such as compensation for being bumped from a flight;
  • Mandating increased transparency, including the collection and publication of relevant data – such as the number of passengers denied boarding, on-time performance and lost baggage;
  • Working with the provinces to ensure the existing all-inclusive airfare advertising rules also apply to charter services (currently, carriers must show all-in pricing but charter carriers do not)
  • Regulating airport security screening standards and wait times.

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