What Canadians Are Saying They Spend On Pothole Damage

A new CAA survey has Canadians saying they pay $1.4 billion per year in pothole damages.

It’s the same story each and every spring: the snow melts as the sun gets stronger, and invariably, crumbling roadways emerge. Potholes become ubiquitous for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike, and in some cases are completely unavoidable.

So pervasive are they that they are the number one complaint received in CAA’s annual Worst Roads Campaign. The damage is taking a toll, hitting Canadians right in the pocketbook according to a new study conducted by CAA. The study found that Canadians say they pay $1.4 billion per year in pothole damages, with more than 50% of drivers having experienced pothole damage to their vehicle and 32% reporting having paid between $250 and $500 on pothole-related vehicle damage within the last five years. In Ontario alone, drivers are spending upwards of $551 million dollars a year on repairs to their car. The damage to vehicles ranges from punctured tires and bent wheels, to more expensive suspension issues. Click here to see the full survey results.

CAA cautions drivers to remain vigilant to potholes while driving. To minimize vehicular damage, CAA urges drivers to ensure tires are properly inflated and have adequate tread depth, as they are the only cushion between a pothole and the vehicle. If hitting a pothole is unavoidable, drivers should slow down, release the brakes and straighten steering before making contact with the pothole. A driver’s best bet for avoiding potholes is to always remain alert, scan the road and increase following distances behind the car ahead.

When dealing with vehicle damage, it’s critical to select a high-quality repair facility such as a CAA Approved Auto Repair Shop (AARS). Once a facility meets CAA’s strict standards and background checks, it becomes part of the AARS program that has been identifying high performing facilities since 1975. At AARS facilities, CAA Members receive unique benefits such as a 12-month/20,000 km parts-and-labour warranty on repairs. Click here to find an AARS facility near you.

If you have a certain road that is causing you a headache or costing you money you still have until Friday, April 29 to vote for in the CAA Worst Roads Campaign. Have your say, VOTE NOW