Watch Out for Pedestrian Crossovers

A new era in street safety is dawning in Ottawa. Motorists should take note of new Pedestrian Crossovers rolling out across the city.
by Mary Wimmer

Crossing the street is set to get safer for pedestrians now that the City of Ottawa is installing up to 60 specially-marked crossings over the next few years. Visitors to Ottawa and residents may already notice a number of these newly-installed Pedestrian Crossovers at low- and medium-traffic streets throughout the city (click here for list of intersections). These locations include new crossings where no crossing existed before as well as retrofitting existing crossings and single-lane roundabouts.

What do these new crossovers mean for motorists? Drivers and cyclists must watch out for the special sign and road markings and be prepared to come to a full and complete stop if people are waiting to cross the road. Be sure also to wait until pedestrians have fully crossed the road before continuing through. Remember that pedestrians have the right of way at all times at Pedestrian Crossovers.

Failing to comply is not only dangerous, but it will hit you square in the pocketbook: drivers and cyclists who do not stop for pedestrians waiting at these crossovers will be fined $150 to $500 for the offence, as well as incur three demerit points for the offence. Enforcement of compliance with the new crossovers by traffic cops is already in effect, so take note.   

Be aware of Pedestrian Crossovers and change your driving or cycling behaviour accordingly. For more information, visit the City of Ottawa’s website here.