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newfoundland and labrador

Join us in Newfoundland!

by Tina Richardson

Genuine, warm, welcoming, fun-loving and funny to the core, the people of Newfoundland are dear to my heart. I narrowly missed calling Newfoundland my home in my early years and cherish the summer days I spent there as a child. I can’t help but still consider this land home, even if I have yet to officially lay my hat.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, I’m tickled that our Solo Traveller Club will be taking to Newfoundland and Labrador in summer 2017. In traditional Solo Traveller fashion this is an adventure not to miss.

What’s so special about Newfoundland?

The people! It’s a unique culture and a unique mix of English, Irish, Aboriginal – even French believe it or not. It’s no surprise the Newfoundlanders have their very own dictionary! The Dictionary of Newfoundland English was first published in 1982 and contains hundreds of “gems” you won’t find anywhere else. Growing up I always had to act as translator when friends came home to visit because my parents were always sure to excitedly blurt out something crazy. My friends kept on coming though and were always greeted enthusiastically by my parents with a warm, “Hello Duckie”.

Sheer beauty! Vast and pristine, the landscapes of Newfoundland are absolutely spectacular. And even more spectacular than the scenery are the names of some of the places you will come across. Leading Tickles is a town of approximately 500 inhabitants and is known for its’ stunning scenery. Happy Adventure is a fishing outport of over 200 that takes great pride in in billing itself as Newfoundland’s most peaceful community. And then there’s Blow Me Down, a provincial park northwest of Corner Brook.

No fuss, no muss! Forget the fine china and silverware, but get ready to dig in! Fresh and local, served up in no-nonsense style, you will find some things in this part of Canada that you won’t find anywhere else. Bakeapple, cod cheeks, fish and brewis, toutons. Famous for the kitchen party, and the never-ending pot on the stove, Newfoundlanders really know how to have fun. Did you know, you can actually play spoons like a musical instrument? It’s impromptu and fun, and perfectly demonstrates the fun loving nature of this neck of the woods.

Join our Solo Traveller club as we kiss the cod, down the Screech, speak the oath, and become true Newfoundlanders in summer 2017! We’re just ironing out the final details of this spectacular hosted journey. Get your name on the waitlist now, and be amongst the first to know when this product opens for sale. And to the people of Newfoundland, “Stay where you’re at, ‘till I comes where you’re to”!

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