Passenger Priorities

The Canadian government says a passenger’s bill of rights is in the works. Find out what the news could mean for you – and how CAA has been advocating for your rights up in the air.

by Mary Wimmer

Ever been bumped from a flight before? Or how about arrive at your destination, only to find out that your luggage hasn’t quite made it? These fairly common occurrences may soon be easier to resolve in the near future. That’s because the federal government is planning to bring in new legislation to help passengers know exactly what their rights are up in the air.

After input from CAA National’s Travel Services Task Force, Minister of Transport Marc Garneau recently announced that the federal government is planning to implement a passengers’ “bill of rights.”

This set of minimum requirements will spell out exactly what air passengers in Canada will be entitled to in the event of lost or damaged luggage, or being bumped from a flight (due to factors within an airline’s control). The legislation will provide a “more predictable and reasonable” approach to consumer entitlements, as currently there is no standard between airlines.  

Not only has CAA National’s Travel Services Task Force been advocating for the changes over the past several months, but the committee even put forth recommendations directly to the federal government on these hot-button issues. As one of the largest travel chains in Canada, CAA understands the necessity of having clear rights for all air passengers. And advocating for policies like these is an integral part of what we do for Members.

The government’s new initiative is part of a slate of changes being made to the country’s transport industry that also includes improved security service standards at airports (i.e. reducing wait times and making the passenger screening experience better), as well as raise foreign ownership levels for domestic airlines, which could lead to lower-cost domestic carriers in the future.

The future of flying just got a little friendlier.