How to Choose the Right Driving School

A free one-year CAA Classic Membership is just one of the many benefits of graduating from a CAA-approved driving school! Learn more about the CAA Approved Driving School Network program here.

by Mary Wimmer

September’s almost here and it’s prime time for your teen to get his or her G1. Did you know that CAA has almost six decades of driver training experience? When it comes to selecting a driver training school, CAA offers the same expertise and peace of mind that’s made it the most trusted name in Roadside Assistance.

CAA helps parents and teens choose the right driving school through our Approved Driving School Network (ADSN) program, which consists of independently-owned driving schools that meet CAA’s stringent driver training standards. They teach the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO’s) approved CAA How to Drive Beginner Driver Education course.

CAA’s done the homework to plan a curriculum that helps teens and new drivers of all ages learn the skills they need to drive safely. Plus, graduating students of any ADSN program are rewarded with a free one year CAA Classic Membership*!

There are three ADSNs in the north and east Ontario region. These are located in Ottawa, North Bay and Sudbury:

ABC Drivers Training (613-722-4462)
1129 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Drivers Education 4U North Bay (705-477-4001)
885 Jet Avenue, North Bay

Laurentian Driving School (705-566-3622)
796 Lasalle Blvd., Sudbury

Don’t have an ADSN in your neighbourhood? Check out CAA North and East Ontario’s top tips for choosing the best driving school below!

  1. Find a course that’s MTO-approved.

    Not all driving schools offer ministry-approved beginner driver education courses. Look for schools that offer “MTO-approved beginner driver education courses,” or “Ministry-approved beginner driver education courses.” This is so you can be sure that you are following an expert-led, safety-focused curriculum. If you graduate from a Ministry-approved course, like the ones offered through the CAA ADSN program, it will be noted in your driver’s license history and will reduce the time you must spend at the G1 level of licensing by four months. It could also bring you savings on your car insurance premiums!

  2. Ensure the driving school is licensed by the MTO.

    When you contact different diver training schools, find out if they are licensed by the MTO (as all of CAA’s ADSN locations are). Remember that, unfortunately, not all schools are created equal. If you happen to choose a school that is not an ADSN, ensure that it is not on the MTO’s list of revoked driving schools.

  3. Verify the instructor’s credentials and class size requirements.

    Smaller class sizes mean that students receive more beneficial interaction with the instructor. The instructor should hold proper insurance and a MTO Provincial Instructor License in order to teach a driving education course. He or she should also be providing progress and evaluation reports to students throughout the course.

  4. Verify that the training vehicles are insured and properly plated.

    All training vehicles should be identified as such, endorsed and insured appropriately. The Driver Instructor License should be prominently displayed in the training vehicle at all times while providing instruction.

    Asking family and friends for driving school recommendations or reading online reviews can also go a long way toward finding a school that you and your teen are comfortable with. CAA is also here to provide help and support. Contact our Membership Services Call Centre at 1-844-252-3648 for any questions about the ADSN program!

*Students must activate their Membership within one year of course start date. Course graduated may sign up by contacting the Membership Services Call Centre at 1-844-252-3648 or completing the online form.