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Image of red car parked on an Ontario street near a pothole. CAA logo. Worst Roads logo.

Where's the worst road in Ontario? You tell us!

Sometimes, it seems like there are three seasons in Canada: Patio, Hockey and Pothole.

Every spring, potholes pop up like tulips and 2021 is no different. So once again, after a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic, CAA North & East Ontario is participating in the national Worst Roads campaign.

 But in a year where WFH (or work from home) is the acronym everyone loves to hate, why even bother cataloguing Ontario’s worst highways and byways?

 Isn’t it a waste of time, considering the average commuter in North America is saving 41 minutes a day on their non-existent drive to work?

 In truth, there are 3 billion reasons – that’s the number of dollars Canadians pay annually in extra vehicle operating costs due to poor road infrastructure. That translates to about $126 per driver. Already in Ottawa, the city has filled 21,344 potholes this year. And we’re just getting started.

 However you use the roads, as runners, cyclists, motorcyclists, transit users and just out walking the dog to get rid of their pandemic pounds, everyone is impacted by crumbling shoulders, cracks in the road and poor maintenance.

 At CAA, we believe that road safety affects everyone, from soccer dads and hockey moms to kids on longboards. And we know that, left unaccounted for and unreported, Ontario’s road issues become everyone’s problem.

 We invite Ontarians to report their worst roads, the results of which are used in a report that CAA uses to advocate on behalf of all Ontario’s road users to ensure road safety issues are identified and that governments are held accountable in road maintenance. Every vote counts.

 So where is your Worst Road? Vote at, post your images and don’t forget to tag #ONWorstRoads. Plus, every vote is a chance to win FREE gas for a year!