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A Simple, Low-Cost Solution to Life Insurance

Who says there are no guarantees in life?

It’s been said that the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. But if you’ve had difficulty finding affordable coverage because of your age or health, you can now add life insurance to that list – thanks to CAA.

Some people believe they can’t get coverage. As you age, it can become increasingly difficult – and frustrating – to find affordable life insurance coverage, especially if you have any medical issues. To make things even more challenging, when many people retire they lose the life insurance coverage they have through their workplace group plan, robbing them of protection at the very time they may need it most.

Some people don’t even try to get life insurance because they assume they’ll be turned down due to their medical history, which may include health issues like diabetes, cancer or heart problems. Or, they believe the premiums will be too expensive because of their age. Sadly, those are costly and incorrect assumptions.

Guaranteed means guaranteed. Period.

CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance offers you an affordable, guaranteed way to leave your loved ones with an extra measure of security, helping to ease the financial burden of funeral and final expenses (an important consideration, given that the cost of a funeral can easily exceed $10,000 in Canada).

If you’re a Canadian resident aged 40 to 75, CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance offers you guaranteed acceptance – regardless of your current health, medical history or age.

  • No medical exam or health questionnaire is required.
  • You cannot be turned down.
  • Your insurance rates are locked-in and will never go up. Your coverage will never decrease.
  • And, you’ll have lifetime protection, as long as your premiums are paid. Once you reach age 95 your coverage will continue but your premium payments will come to an end.

Sound good? There are even more reasons why CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance is the smart choice...

  • If you die as a result of an accident before age 85, your beneficiary will be eligible to receive five times your coverage amount. That means your beneficiary could receive up to $125,000. If you die from non-accidental causes within the first two years of coverage, all of the premiums you have paid will be returned to your beneficiary. And, perhaps best of all, as a CAA Member, your coverage will increase by 2 per cent every year – at no additional cost to you (for up to 25 years).

A simple, low cost, solution.

With coverage amounts from $5,000 to $25,000 available, CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance offers you an economical, no-hassle way to get the extra financial protection you may need.

Maybe you’d like to leave a little something to your grandchildren to remember you by or to help with their post-secondary education costs. Perhaps you just want to make sure that your debts and final expenses don’t become a financial burden for your family.

No matter what your reasons, if you’re having trouble finding affordable life insurance, with CAA Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance your acceptance is guaranteed – regardless or your age or health. Guaranteed.

Learn more today, or call 1-888-334-4568.

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