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Choose a CAA Health & Dental plan to help protect your family’s well-being.

Getting married or starting a family are major life events that can quickly increase your need for life insurance to protect your expanding family. Unfortunately, having supplemental health and dental insurance is sometimes overlooked in all the excitement.

Protect Your Family

Today, most families – especially those with children – live on a budget. And all too often, health-related expenses such as prescription drugs, vision care, ambulance services and more, are not covered by provincial health insurance plans.

Many routine dental care expenses, such as check-ups, fillings, cleanings, scaling, x-rays, extractions, and restorations are also not covered by provincial plans.1

If you aren’t covered by a group health and dental insurance plan, these out-of-pocket health care expenses can quickly add up, putting your budget and finances in jeopardy.

Unexpected Surprises Can Cost You

Without your own health and dental insurance, a bike accident, a tumble down stairs, etc. could be the only thing standing between your family and financial strain.

Even routine healthcare-related costs like prescription drugs, can significantly impact family savings.

Affordable Coverage from CAA

The good news? Regardless of the size of your family, CAA Health & Dental Plan is designed to fit your budget.

All CAA plans start with Basic Extended Health Care to help cover a range of healthcare-related expenses. Optional Drug and/or Dental coverage can then be added to suit individual needs. More comprehensive coverage is available through an upgrade to Enhanced Extended Health Care.

This flexibility lets you choose from CAA’s most popular plan options, or build your own customized plan. Best of all, CAA Members always enjoy low rates.

Looking for an affordable way to protect your family from both routine and unexpected healthcare-related expenses? CAA Health & Dental insurance can help protect the financial well-being of your family. Learn more here or call 1-888-334-4561 today!

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