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Stay Connected, with Connect Hearing

May is Better Hearing Month! Celebrate the sounds of your life at Connect Hearing, where CAA Members enjoy exclusive savings.

There are almost four million people living with hearing loss in Canada. On average, Canadians wait an average of seven years before they act on hearing loss.

May is Better Hearing Month. It’s the perfect time for Canadians to get their hearing checked. According to, there are a number of reasons why people delay on checking their hearing. These include:

Not noticing any changes.

The cues that tell us our hearing has changed are not always as obvious as we would like. Often other people will notice a change in our hearing before we will, and with gradual hearing loss, we may attribute changes to our environment instead of our hearing.

Hearing considered in good shape.

Our ears are complex structures that pick up signals and pass them on to the brain to be processed. Just like any other muscle, when the areas of our brain that process hearing are less active, they weaken. This can affect our comprehension, make miscommunication more likely and as a result we may lose confidence, withdraw or stay away from social situations. Our hearing can also affect our overall health, such as contributing to an increased risk of falling.

Stigma or fear of looking ‘old’.

Just like cell phones, today’s technology has taken something once large and bulky and transformed it into an effective and efficient piece of hearing technology. Some of the completely-in-the-canal type (CIC) hearing aids are so discreet that most people don’t notice them.

Avoid becoming a hearing loss statistic and follow these steps, from CAA partner Connect Hearing:

1. Get a baseline hearing test.

A basic hearing test is used to determine how well you hear at various frequencies. Once you have that first hearing test to compare to, your hearing care practitioner will be able to pick out any changes to your hearing health more easily – possibly before you even notice a change. Then, get your hearing checked annually, just as you would your eyes and teeth – at Connect Hearing it’s free!

2. Protect your hearing.

Carry hearing protection with you for travelling or when going to events or shows and avoid loud noises. Even the noise at the average hockey game can reach 120 decibels – that's as loud as a jet engine during take-off! An exposure of only 10 minutes to loud noise is enough to damage your hearing.

Stay connected to your loved ones, and visit Connect Hearing to book a free hearing test. Take advantage of an exclusive CAA Member offer: just show your CAA card to SAVE up to 15% on hearing aids at Connect Hearing.