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A man sitting on a RV with light on his head at night

6 must haves for your next RV adventure (#5 will surprise you)

Have motorhome, will travel? Not so fast, RV rookie.

Before you head out on your first motorhome adventure, make sure its fully loaded with these essentials – all available at your nearest CAA Store.

1. Lewis N Clark Latex Clothesline

A day out in nature may be refreshing, but it can wreak havoc on your clothes. Don’t get hung up on laundry by purchasing this durable triple-braided latex clothesline, which features Velcro straps and suction cups that can be attached anywhere.

CAA Member Price: $7.96 - $8.96
Non-member Price: $9.95

2. Trespass Qikpac Waterproof Packaway Jacket

Caught in the rain? No big deal. The Trespass Rain Jacket turns your washed-out hike into a stroll in liquid sunshine. Waterproof, windproof, and available in a range of colours to suit your outdoor style needs.

CAA Member Price: $55.96 - $62.96
Non-member Price: $69.95

3. CAA Roadside Hazard Kit

Bring peace of mind with you, wherever your RV adventure takes you. This tricked-out kit includes essential items you may need if you find yourself in an emergency situation when on the road, like booster cables, a Mylar blanket, and reflective emergency triangle.

CAA Member Price: $47.96 - $53.96
Non-member Price: $59.95

4. Travelon Lightweight Packing Organizers

Heading out of town for the long weekend? Stay organized with the only packing cubes you’ll ever need. No more rummaging for fresh undergarments - the deep cubes can hold and separate fresh clothes from those that need to launder with its intelligent design.

CAA Members Price: $21.56 - $24.26
Non-members Price: $26.95

5. Travelon Antibacterial Travel Towel

In muggy summer heat, fresh towels can turn dank fast. Reduce your laundry load with this fast-drying and super absorbent travel towel. The anti-bacterial properties stay germs and bacterial growth – making it the only towel you need on your next RV excursion. Compact and light weight it absorbs up to three times its weight in water and rings out almost dry.

CAA Member Price: $19.96 - $22.46
Non-member Price: $24.95

6. Travelon Tech Accessory Organizer

Space is at a premium in an RV. Keep it clutter-free with this handy tech organizer. Laptop, tablet, and smart phone charging wires remain easy-to-find and always tangle-free. The accessory organizer includes two zippered and one flap closure pocket to store your mouse, USB sticks, and other accessories. Mesh panels ensure you can find what you want, when you want. 

CAA Member Price: $11.16 - $12.56
Non-member Price: $13.95

Visit your nearest CAA Store to find these items, and many more! Plus, stock up on route maps and get expert travel planning advice before you go.

Remember, CAA Members always save up to 20% on luggage and travel accessories in-stores.