At CAA Insurance, we believe your good driving record should be rewarded.

Forgive & Forget®. It's another way to show we care.

With more cars on the road than ever before, even good drivers can occasionally make mistakes or be involved in an accident.

With the Forgive and Forget® Plan from CAA, you can protect the rates and good driving rating you've earned over the years. Which means, in the event of your first at-fault accident, you'll experience no change in your driving record.

How does it work?

If you are involved in an at-fault accident, driving record protection ensures your driving record will not fall to the bottom of the insurer's rating system. For example, if your insurer uses the common 6-star rating system and you have an at-fault accident, your “star rating” might drop down to a 0-star designation. This means your rates will significantly increase. However, with driving record protection your star rating will not fall as much, if at all.

By protecting your standing on the 'star rating' system, driving record protection results in a break on your auto insurance premium that you would otherwise have to pay if it did not exist.

If you have never been in an accident, check with your current insurer to see what their policies are on driving record protection. If they don't offer it, it may be time to consider switching to one that does. It could save you thousands of dollars should you ever find yourself with an at-fault accident on your driving record.

Do I qualify?

  • The principal operator has been continuously licensed for the past 6 years or more and the vehicle assigned must carry mandatory road coverage (liability and accident benefits).
  • No operator has been convicted of any major or serious conviction or more than one minor conviction within the past three years
  • No operator has sustained an at-fault accident in the past six years.

Is there an additional cost for this coverage?

Yes. The endorsement cost is $60.00 per year. It will be offered if all qualifications for obtaining the endorsement are met.

The exciting news for any policyholder who has been insured with CAA Insurance for 10 or more continuous years is that if you qualify for this endorsement, this protection will be provided FREE upon renewal.

What happens after my first at-fault accident?

Without record protection, your driving record drops after an at-fault accident. This results in a rate increase between 10-30%, which on an average premium of $1,375 would amount to an increase of $130- $410.

Being covered with CAA Insurance Forgive and Forget® protection, your driving record will remain as it would have had there been no at-fault accident.

If I've had an at-fault accident while protected under the Forgive and Forget® plan, can I still purchase the endorsement on my next renewal?

No. The Forgive and Forget® endorsement cannot be added to your policy until you are 6 years accident free again.

What if I have a second at-fault accident within 6 years?

On the second chargeable accident within a 6-year period, your driving record will be reduced to a driving record “3”.

Some insurance companies may reduce your driving record to a “0” on the second at-fault loss or not offer you a renewal. Check with your current insurer.


®Forgive & Forget is a trademark owned by CAA Insurance Company.