Having the right tires installed on your vehicle is a must for safe driving. While regular or all-season tires are adequate in milder climates, snow tires are highly recommended for winter driving. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider winter tires for your vehicle:

  1. Winter tires help reduce braking distance on cold, wet, ice and snow-covered roads by up to 25%.
  2. Winter tires stay flexible in cold temperatures and ensure excellent grip and braking on wet roads.
  3. When winter tires are installed in sets of four, they maximize vehicle handling, stability and braking.
  4. You’ll receive a 5% discount on your CAA Auto Insurance premium when you install four winter tires on your vehicle – no later than November 20th and keep them on until no earlier than April 15th.

Drivers should also check their tire pressure once a month. As the temperature drops so too does tire pressure. For every 5°C dip in the thermometer your tire pressure decreases 1 pound per square inch which results in reduced handling and control of your vehicle.

Helpful Tip: Try to find steel rims to put your winter tires on. Just be sure the bolt pattern, shape and size match your vehicle. By having dedicated rims for your winter tires, you will avoid paying for mounting and balancing twice a year, reduce the potential for damage to your regular rims and it makes installation a much simpler task!

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