4 Winter Driving Myths Debunked

4 Winter Driving Myths Debunked:  Did you fall for any of these? 

Everyone has something to say about winter driving, but what’s fact and what’s fiction? We debunked 4 popular winter driving myths so you can stay informed and keep your family safe this season. 

  1. All-season tires work in the winter. Although all-season tires help provide traction in different types of weather, they do not compare to winter tires when it comes to keeping you safe. Winter tires have specially formulated rubber that gives you more control, better traction and enhanced braking on snowy, icy roads. 

  2. Most accidents happen during winter storms. 

    It’s true that winter storms create dangerous driving conditions, but the numbers show that just as many accidents occur when the weather is clear. People typically drive slower and more cautiously during a storm, whereas they will relax and make a mistake when the roads are “safer.” Remember to always keep your guard up and drive defensively no matter what the forecast. If you do run into trouble, make sure you’re familiar with how to request Roadside Assistance
  3. Always leave a 2-second driving distance. This is a great go-to rule for staying safe on the road, but in winter you need to increase your following distance - whether or not it’s snowing. Use your judgment and leave at least 8-10 seconds following distance depending on your speed and road conditions. 

  4. Let your vehicle warm-up before driving. Sure, this might make your car a little toastier, but it also wastes fuel. Vehicles today don’t require the same “warm-up” time that they used to; the mechanics and lubricants are significantly improved, and cars actually warm-up best while you’re driving. Even in our cold Canadian climate, up to one minute is the maximum amount of time you need to warm-up your vehicle – after that you’re just adding to your gas bill. 

Do you have a driving myth you’d like to debunk? Or are you wondering if a driving myth is fact or fiction? Share with us in the comments!