8 Ways to Save Money While Travelling

What’s the biggest obstacle standing between you and your next vacation? Most people have the same answer: money. Before you decide a trip is out of your budget, take a look at our money-saving travel tips. With a little extra planning and consideration, your next vacation can be significantly cheaper than you thought!

Cook a meal. Instead of eating at several restaurants a day, consider renting a vacation home or a hotel with a kitchenette. Grabbing a few snacks and meal items from a local grocer will save you a significant amount of money.

Take local transportation. Instead of shelling out money for a taxi, get familiar with the local subway line or bus route. It might take a few extra minutes of planning and navigating, but you’ll save money and see more of the city.

Ditch your phone. Even if you limit your smart phone use, roaming charges can be pricey. Play it safe by leaving your cell at home and considering alternative methods for keeping in touch. Most cities have a number of Internet cafés with access to Skype, or you can pick up a disposable cell for the duration of your trip.

Avoid peak flight times. If you have a bit of flexibility with your dates, consider leaving during the week or later in the day. Flight prices are often significantly cheaper!

Limit your souvenirs. It can be tempting to purchase a number of t-shirts and key chains from tourist shops, but keep in mind that these items are often over-priced and easy to break. Be selective with your purchases and consider taking more photographs instead – they often make the best souvenirs!

Pack smart. Before you leave certain items at home, check how much they cost in your destination city. If it’s cheaper to get diapers abroad, then don’t bother packing too many. If they’re more expensive, however, it may be worth finding extra room in your suitcase. Just make sure to measure and weigh your bag so you don’t incur any oversized baggage fees.

Ask about free things. Everywhere you travel has a number of fantastic free things going on – you just have to know about them! Consult a concierge, your guidebook or the Internet to find out about free museums, concerts or food festivals in your destination city.

Look for discounts. Never pay full price for a trip before doing your research! Check with the concierge at your hotel, look online, consult your tour book and check the local paper. Some hotels offer discounted tour tickets, and many establishments have student or senior fares. If you plan to visit several famous museums or monuments, check for a discounted pass that grants admission to multiple tourist destinations within a city. And don’t forget to check with CAA; your membership grants you dozens of fantastic travel deals and discounts on flights, hotels, activities, cars and cruises!   

Do you have any money-saving travel tips?Share them in comments below.