More Than Just Hook and Tow

From Toronto to Tallahassee, it doesn’t matter where you are in North America or what you’re driving in – CAA has you taken care of. Whether you’re locked out, got a flat, need a boost or even a tow, we’ll be there.

by Mary Wimmer

It’s no wonder that most people think of our iconic tow trucks when they think of CAA. After all, our fleet has been offering unparalleled assistance to drivers stuck on the road for more than a century. But a CAA Membership is a lot more than just “hook and tow.” In fact, towing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits that CAA offers as part of its world-class Roadside Assistance program. So, get roadside ready this season and brush up on your knowledge of what’s included with Membership to Canada’s oldest auto club. 

Flat Tire

Changing a tire can be a downright dirty job; even a dangerous one if it’s done by the side of a busy road. Your safety is important to us, so let us do the grunt work and we’ll get you back up and driving in no time.

Locked Out

It has happened to the best of us; you only have two hands and life can be a lot to juggle sometimes. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car, you’ll be glad you have a CAA Membership. All you have to do is call us and we’ll come and unlock your door for you – no matter where in North America you are.

Boost Up

One of the most common problems on the road just got a little easier to manage. When you’ve accidentally left your lights on and drained your car battery, give CAA a call. Rather than ask a stranger for help or call a cab company, we’ll come and give you a boost to get you where you need to go.

Out of Gas

When you’ve pushed your luck a little too far and run out of gas, CAA will deliver it right to you wherever you are.  If you have a Plus or Premier Membership, we won’t even charge you for the fuel!

Drive You Home

There are many situations you might find yourself in when it is not advisable to drive yourself home. Whether it’s a doctor or dental appointment that’s left you drowsy due to medication, a sudden illness or injury, or stress-related impairment, we’ll be there to make sure you get home safely with our Drive You Home service (for Plus and Premier Members).

Bike Assist

CAA is here to help all of our Members get around, whether they’re on two wheels or on four. Flat tires and broken chains can happen when you’re out cycling, and if they do CAA can transport you and your bicycle wherever you need to go.


And whether you are stuck on the side of a road, in the parking lot at work or maybe still in your driveway, CAA will be there to tow your car. It doesn’t even need to be your car: if you’re a passenger in the vehicle, we’ll still be there to help.

Membership to Canada’s most trusted auto club has so many perks, both on and off the road. And unlike other car clubs, your CAA Membership applies to you, not just to the vehicle that you drive. That means you are protected no matter what car you’re in.

Terms and conditions may apply to benefits listed above, as per the service rules and regulations of CAA.
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