The Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Top 10 reasons why Solo Traveller Guru Tina Richardson thinks a visit to Costa Rica should be on your bucket list of places to see.

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that will pull at your heartstrings. Nestled between the Pacific and Caribbean oceans, this country boasts a natural eco-conscious environment, unique wildlife, incredible beaches and welcoming people. Check out the Top 10 reasons why I think Costa Rica is a must!

  1. Pure Vida!

    Who doesn’t want a little of the “good life” in their life? This simple, but extremely healthful approach to life is just the way things are over there. Costa Ricans pride themselves in taking it easy, stopping to smell the flowers and generally taking things one step at a time. As the locals say, you’re on “Tico Time.” This could mean you may wait a few extra minutes for that driver to pick you up, but hey, “When in Rome ...”

  2. It’s a Blue Zone.

    That’s no small feat. There are only five documented Blue Zones in the world, and Costa Rica is home to one of them. This means it’s official – these people know how to live life and we have lots to learn from them. Who doesn’t want a simple life, to live longer and to stay stronger?

  3. Wildlife galore.

    With more than 50 varieties of humming birds alone, Costa Rica is home to many birds, monkeys, sloths, turtles – you name it. And the local tour guides are pretty adept in catching them on camera, too. They’re always ready to lend a hand helping you get that perfect shot for your next screensaver or Facebook cover page.

  4. You can get your thrill on!

    Costa Rica simply has no shortage of outdoor activities to help you make the most of your adventure to this lovely land. Rappel down a waterfall, hike a volcano, or try your hand at navigating the waters in a raft; Costa Rica has it all, including some pretty unique sports such as Fly Board, a propulsion system that shoots you up above the water.

  5. The cloud forest.

    A nightmare for the hairdo, but all that moisture, cloud and mist results in the most spectacular greenery and creates home to so many animal habitats, so don a hat and grab your camera. You won’t be disappointed.

  6. Beaches!

    With almost 160 km of coastline, you are sure to find one that suits your fancy including the public beach of Manuel Antonio National Park, a must-see for all tourists.

  7. The food is awesome.

    Think typical rice and beans with flair, and you absolutely have to try the ever-popular local sauce called Lizano Salsa, which is more like a BBQ sauce than the salsa we’re used to but well worth it. Bring some home for your friends to try!

  8. Volcanoes.

    Both awesome and impressive at the same time, Costa Rica is home to several active volcanoes and many dormant volcanic areas that are perfect for hiking or just taking in the spectacular, lush views.

  9. Coffee.

    Costa Rica is actually home to some of the world’s best known coffee. The climate in the country is very conducive to coffee growing due to the volcanic soil, but to keep things simple and pure, they only grow one kind, Arabica. The result is a light roast with a sweet, fruity aroma. And coffee is not heavy – perfect souvenir!

  10. The people!

    Relaxed and proud of their country, there is a lot we can learn from los Costarricenses (Costa Ricans). Even just a glimpse into how they live their daily lives will give you enough tidbits to take home. Did you know that Costa Ricans are known to live longer lives than most people in the world? This alone is worth investigating in person, for sure!

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