Top Five Foodie Destinations

Got an appetite for travel? Check out our top five destinations that should be on every foodie’s bucket list.

by Mary Wimmer

Eating is as good an excuse as any to travel. After all, what stimulates the appetite more than a change of scenery? From chic restaurants and lively bars, to food trucks and street stalls, these destinations have something for every hungry traveller. When you visit any of them, you can expect to immerse yourself in a new culture – and to eat well while doing so. Eat your heart out!

Hong Kong

There’s no shortage of haute cuisine in Hong Kong – you could easily spend the GDP of a small country eating your way through this delicious destination. High-rollers have been known to spend thousands of dollars on seafood feasts, while those of more modest means can find epicurean excitement at the Temple Street Night Market for a fraction of that. Foodies will take pleasure in noting that, aside from Cantonese fare, mainland Chinese restaurants are abundant, as are Japanese and European cuisine options.


Forget what you’ve heard about its more famous cousins like Rome or Venice. And never mind what you read about Tuscany, too; that’s just “baloney.” When it comes to food, Bologna is simply the best that Italy has to offer…and it happens to also be one of the country’s best-kept secrets. You won’t find the hordes of spring and summer tourists in Bologna, but you will find moist meat-filled tortellini and Lasagna Alla Bolognese – the likes of which will leave you coming back for more.


From a simple bowl of steaming hot ramen noodles, to a sensational slice of rare black watermelon, Tokyo is a city that caters to those who eat first with their eyes. Regardless of the clientele, or even the cuisine served, Tokyo’s chefs all share a high level of craftsmanship that has catapulted the city into the gastronomic stratosphere. From cozy noodle houses to lively teppanyaki restaurants, fine dining establishments to fast-food kaiten sushi joints, food here is made to be enjoyed with all of the senses.


A melting pot of gastronomic traditions from throughout France, as well as the world beyond, Paris has a special place on the bucket lists of many food lovers. The city is after all synonymous with indulgence; its buttery croissants, rich foie gras, and sinful cheeses and chocolates. Corner bistros and edgy bars abound in Paris, perfect for mid-day indulgences or a rest after a day of touring. Michelin-starred restaurants, temples of excess for some, may be the perfect way to test why Paris is known as the Culinary Capital of the World.

New York

No list about foodie capitals is complete without mentioning New York. Indeed, the City that Never Sleeps is also one that doesn’t stop eating. And true to its multicultural identity, New York offers cuisine from every imaginable corner of the world. From spicy curries, to a piping hot pho, to bratwurst or schnitzel; no matter what your cravings may be, New York can surely satisfy them. While you might not have the budget for a worldwide culinary tour, consider taking a bite out of the Big Apple – it’s almost the same thing.

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