Giving Thanks

Our Solo Traveller Club’s Tina Richardson gives thanks for the memorable moments, people and places she’s had the good fortune of visiting this year as CAA’s resident Travel Guru.

by Tina Richardson

As we gather this weekend to give thanks with our families, I’d like to take a moment to share how appreciative I am for the hospitality and kindness of the people in the countries I have visited this year, as well as the amazing individuals I have travelled with along the way.

This past January, CAA’s Solo Traveller Club set out for Iceland on a mission to see the famous Northern Lights. And while we were not fortunate enough to see the elusive lights on that trip, we returned much richer than when we left. Rich from a culture that honours every landscape, spins many a great tale, and braves a pretty good storm; I learned many new things about myself on this trip. I discovered that I can be outdoors-y, that I can brave ever-changing and inclement weather, but most importantly I realized that the rewards of a little fresh air (ok - a little fresher than “fresh”) air are both many and lasting.

In May, it was the sights, sounds and smells of the faraway land of Morocco. I loved waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread and the alluring sound of the call to prayer. Morocco showed me the gentlest side of humanity I ever thought imaginable. The simplicity and generosity of the Moroccan people really tugged at my heartstrings. They are charitable beyond means and treat each other with a true kindness that is simply difficult to describe. It’s nothing for a Moroccan to toss their extra change to a nomad or someone in need on the street, regardless of whether they truly need those coins or not. A meal prepared is meant to be shared, simple as that. And care is taken when divvying up portions to ensure children and elderly get the sustenance they need, which is why you will always find the protein tucked way beneath a ton of veggies in every tagine dish.

Oh Canada! July was an extraordinary experience, and a truly different one for our Solo Travellers. No passport, no visa, no currency exchange. All we had to deal with was the “foreign language” of the Newfoundlanders. Let’s just say, we returned home rich in new expressions! But, what a way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of our dear country…Newfoundland was jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, and ruggedly beautiful. We saw icebergs, whales, puffins, and so much more. And what did I bring home with me (other than a suitcase of labradorite)? Fond memories of people so genuine and proud of their heritage, it makes your heart swell.

And we’re not done yet for 2017! Up next, our gang of adventurous travellers head to Italy and Vietnam this fall. This group of people are the ones I am truly thankful for; from the companionship, to the laughs, straight to the valuable feedback we receive daily on our tour offerings. It’s because of each of our Solo Travellers that CAA Travel is able to continue offering a product that appeals in such a grand way.

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