Cruise Farther, Delve Deeper with Holland America Line

Holland America Line’s new EXC In-Depth Voyages combine entertaining in-depth onboard programs with engaging adventures on shore.

by Mary Wimmer

Eager to experience the great beyond? Immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine and customs of exotic destinations, with Holland America Line’s (HAL) new EXC In-Depth Voyages. Designed for the curious traveller, EXC In-Depth Voyages offer destination-intensive itineraries to some of the world’s most captivating places.

The EXC In-Depth Difference

Authentic experiences are ensured on an EXC In-Depth Voyage, thanks to onboard local talent that live and work at HAL destinations, Guests can personalize their journey with unique onboard activities and shore excursions that perfectly match their individual interests and passions.

Each voyage offers a variety of themes for in-depth exploration: Photography, Active Exploration, Nature & Science, History & Perspective, Arts & Culture, and Food, Wine & Spirits. Each theme combines in-depth onboard events with fun-filled adventures on shore.


Create your own visual diary to capture the special moments of your EXC In-Depth Voyage. Activities include personal, small group instruction and unique opportunities to expand your photography skills – onboard and on shore.

For example, on the Moorea, French Polynesia itinerary, “Moorea in Focus: A Photography Expedition,” guests learn how to use the intense light in the South Pacific to create the perfect sunset photo and practice composition for picture-perfect stills of local cuisine.

Nature & Science

As Maasdam travels the so-called Ring of Fire that surrounds the Pacific Ocean, guests have the chance to learn all about the one-of-a-kind species found only in this region.

In Cairns, Australia, the “Atherton Platypus Experience”, visitors get up-close and personal with the shy and timid platypus in its natural habitat. Guests will also visit the Atherton region to see the famous Curtain Fig Tree and the Australian platypus playing in lily-filled billabongs.

History & Perspective

With an extensive onboard art collection and renowned music program, every HAL cruise celebrates the world's cultural heritage. But on an EXC In-Depth Voyage, the artistic and cultural treasures of each region will come alive through first-hand experiences.

On the Savusavu, Fiji itinerary, “Traditional Fiji”, guests are treated to local musicians, dancers, and storytellers onboard. Then later, there are excursions to view or purchase fine art and local handicrafts from Nukubalavu Village.

Arts & Culture

Step back in time and imagine the world as it once was. Carefully-crafted itineraries and expert guides breathe new life into the past for your enjoyment.

In Laem Chabang, Thailand, you’ll visit the old temples and ruins of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about the ancient belief systems they were founded on.

Food, Wine & Spirits

Experience the unique regional foods and learn about cooking techniques and traditions directly from locals. On the Rarontonga, Cook Islands itinerary, “Local & Inspired: A Food Perspective,” guests l discover distinct new flavours, enjoy demonstrations from local chefs, and shop for local ingredients at a farmer’s market. Drink, eat and be merry on any Food, Wine & Spirits itinerary voyage.

Savoring an exciting and culturally-immersive EXC In-Depth Voyage from Holland America Line is as easy as visiting your nearest CAA Travel Store or calling CAA Travel at 1-800-267-8713.

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