CAA Premier Membership Coverage Advantages

Our Premier Membership level features all the advantages of our Plus Membership, and adds the following features and benefits:

  • Add an extra call. The usual annual allotment of 4 calls is increased to 5 calls for Premier members.
  • Premier members can enjoy one tow of up to 320 km (as part of their five (5) eligible calls) each year. Any remaining service calls used as tows are handled like Plus tows, up to 200 km.
  • Two-Day Complimentary Car Rental. As a CAA Premier Member you get up to two free car rental days from Enterprise in conjunction with a tow. If your car is towed on one of your five allowable calls, as a result of a mechanical breakdown and you need transportation, we'll arrange for a mid-size rental for two consecutive days at no charge at participating Enterprise locations in Canada, subject to availability. The Premier Member must be within 200 km from home and CAA has towed the vehicle for mechanical failure. This will be arranged through CAA. CAA will call Enterprise to make arrangements to assist the Member with a two day car rental. The incident must be referred to CAA within 48 hours of occurrence. CAA Members are responsible for subsequent day rental charges, upgrades, vehicle insurance, mileage and fuel charges, and any other charges, fees and taxes. Normal rental qualifications, including age restrictions and other restrictions apply. Should a breakdown occur at a distance greater than 200 km, then the Trip Interruption & Vehicle Return benefit will apply as described in that section below. Other restrictions may apply.

  • Dedicated Toll-Free Emergency Road Service. CAA Premier Members have a dedicated toll-free phone line across North America to access service for Emergency Road Service & Member Services: 1-866-PREM-CAA (1-866-773-6222).
  • Worldwide Concierge Services. As a CAA Premier and CAA Premier RV Member, you can receive easy access to many services when travelling on a domestic or international vacation 160 kilometres or more from your primary residence. Whether you're interested in theatre tickets, golf tee times and reservations or just looking for travel information, your own personal concierge is at your service.
  • Worldwide Emergency Travel and Medical Assistance. As a CAA Premier or CAA Premier RV Member, if you have an emergency while travelling 160 kilometres or more from your primary residence, you may call for Emergency Travel and Medical Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need emergency medical transportation arrangements, translation assistance or you lost your travel documentation, we can help. Please note that costs incurred for these services are at the Member’s expense.
    • Medical provider referrals, appointments and admission arrangements
    • Emergency medical transportation arrangements
    • Prescription replacement arrangements
    • Emergency medical visitation arrangements
    • Emergency cash transfer arrangements
    • Emergency assistance translation services/Lost tickets and document replacement arrangements
    • Emergency travel information and assistance
      This service is not Emergency Travel and Medical insurance. CAA recommends that Members purchase CAA Emergency Travel & Medical Insurance when travelling out of province for protection against the high cost of an unexpected and unforeseen travel or medical emergency.
  • Accident & Ride Services. As a CAA Premier Member, if you're involved in an automobile accident or breakdown, CAA representatives are ready to help you contact family members, locate restaurants and find hotel accommodations if you are out of town.
  • Trip-Travel Insurance. CAA Premier Members are automatically covered for up to $500,000 worth of accidental death, dismemberment or loss of sight insurance for travel on a common carrier or car rental booked in conjunction with a common carrier ticket purchased from your local CAA Stores.
  • Trip Interruption & Vehicle Return. CAA Premier Members will have higher level coverage when travelling by auto more than 200 km away from home, anywhere in Canada or the U.S. If the Member's trip is interrupted due to an accident*, mechanical breakdown**, car theft, unexpected illness or injury††, the Member can be reimbursed up to $2,000 CDN for covered out-of-pocket expenses, including restaurant meals and commercial accommodations or for commercial transportation to continue the trip. The combined annual limit payable when auto breakdown is a result of accident, fire or theft is $2,000 CDN. When the breakdown is a result of mechanical failure, the combined annual limit payable is $600 CDN. The vehicle return benefit will reimburse eligible Members up to $500 CDN for transportation of the vehicle back to the Premier Member's primary residence when an unexpected illness or injury prevents the completion of the covered travel.
    For Trip Interruption, the accident must be reported to the local police and/or your insurance company. For mechanical breakdown, your vehicle must be deemed unsafe and/or inoperable. Proof of same condition must be provided by a licensed mechanical technician. Costs incurred within 72 hours of the time of the accident are eligible for reimbursement. Claim must be submitted to CAA within 60 days. Original receipts are required for refund consideration.
  • The CAA Premier® Prepaid Long Distance Calling Card is no longer be offered. Existing long distance minutes are not affected by this change and Members can continue to use any free minutes already received for up to 24 months after they were issued, up until September 1st, 2017. Click here for more details

What Is Not Covered

  • Benefits are not payable for travel which does not meet the definition of covered travel, and for any loss, injury, illness, delays and/or expenses due to:
  • War (whether declared or undeclared), acts of war, military duty, or hostilities of any kind (for example, invasion, rebellion, riots, or insurrections)
  • Tire trouble
  • Intentionally self-inflicted harm, including suicide
  • Normal pregnancy or childbirth
  • Mental or nervous health disorders
  • Alcohol or substance abuse, or related illnesses
  • An accident occurring when the vehicle is being driven by an unlicensed driver or a driver who is not a covered person.
  • Personal property which is damaged or destroyed
  • Any liability for injuries or property damage
  • The commission or attempted commission of illegal act
  • The cost of repairs to the vehicle
  • Cost of fuel expenses
  • Air and/or sea travel
  • Carrier-caused delays
  • Participation in professional athletic events or motor competition (including training)
  • The cost of meals, accommodations and substitute transpirations resulting from delays caused by routine maintenance or minor repairs to the vehicle

Please note that coverage for these services is based on the Premier Member only. Premier coverages do not extend to non-Premier associate members.

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*To be eligible for claims Member must obtain a copy of the police report describing the incident (Motor Vehicle Accident Report) and original itemized receipts for repairs and allowable expenses to support claim. To be eligible for claims the Member's vehicle must have been deemed unsafe and/or inoperable. Proof of same condition must be provided by police and/or qualified mechanical technician.
**To be eligible for claims the Member's vehicle must have been deemed unsafe and/or inoperable. Proof of same condition must be provided by a licensed mechanical technician. Member must present original itemized receipts of all eligible expenses.
†To be eligible for claims the Member must present a copy of the police report (Motor Vehicle Accident Report) and original itemized receipts for allowable expenses.
††To be eligible for claims Member must provide proof from a licensed medical facility or practitioner confirmation the illness/injury and the Member's inability to operate their motor vehicle. The Member must present original itemized receipts of all eligible expenses.