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Female hands holding tiny house in snowy weather

Prepare for Winter with CAA Rewards®!

You can tell by the cooler temperatures and shorter days that winter is just around the corner. Since we don’t have the option to slip into hibernation, here’s a few helpful tips on how to prepare for the colder months ahead.

Winter-proofing your home and property

Whatever your opinion is on winter, the frigid temperatures and snow can be hard on our houses. Cold leaks are major headaches during this time of the year, making your house less comfortable and durable, and driving up heating costs. Applying weatherstripping to doors and windows is a simple and cost-effective way to prevent cold leaks that will prove beneficial in all seasons.

Furnaces are our main defence against the winter cold; we can’t afford for them to go down or malfunction. Regularly replacing your furnace filter helps with durability and prevents airflow blocks. It also helps improve the air quality inside your house.

Icy and snow-covered driveways are big pains during winter, not to mention safety hazards. Now is the time to make sure you have the proper tools to clear high-traffic areas around your house – shovels and ice melting salt and sand.

Clearing fallen leaves off your lawn before winter hits helps your grass bounce back in the spring and prevents the buildup of worrisome pests and diseases, including brown patches and snow mould. If left untouched, fallen leaves form a barrier under the snow that prevents water, nutrients, and air from reaching the root system of your grass. Don’t wait until it’s too late to pull out your rake and start clearing those leaves.

Throwing snow with a snowshovel against blue sky

Whatever home improvements you have planned, CAA Rewards can help. CAA Members earn 2% in CAA Dollars® when shopping online at the Home Depot or RONA.  

Beautifying your space

Red enameled mug for hot tea and cozy warm scarf near fireplace

Even avid snow-lovers acknowledge that winter means spending more time at home. So, there’s no better time than now to spruce up your space for the cold months ahead.

Need a pop of fresh colour? Dulux Paints has just released its 2021 Paint Colour & Design Trends that "reflect on wellbeing, sustainability and human connection.” Take a look and get inspired. CAA Members save 25% and earn 3% in CAA Dollars on every Dulux Paints purchase.

As temperatures get chilly outdoors, it’s only natural to want to bring more warmth into your house. At Bouclair, you can pick up cozy blankets and pillows, and brighten up your place with stylish floor and table lamps. CAA Members get 5% off all purchases.

Your bedroom should be your warm and comfortable oasis during this time of the year. So why not use this opportunity to reimagine it? Upgrade to a new ENDY mattress and get $15 CAA Dollars. Or pick up fashionable and functional new sheets and comforters at Simons and get 4% in CAA Dollars.

Staying busy

There’s plenty to do – both inside and outdoors – to keep you busy during the cold months ahead.

Reclaim the outdoors this winter with comfortable and durables coats, hats, gloves and more. CAA Members get 4% in CAA Dollars at Altitude Sports and Members also save 10% when shopping in-store or online at Thunder Bay’s Gear Up for Outdoors.

Want to get out of the cold? Pick up the best books, games, and crafts for all ages at Indigo and earn 5% in CAA Dollars. CAA Members also save up to 20% when shopping for the latest in gaming, electronics, music and much more at The Source. And don’t forget your furry companions! Get the latest in pet toys and gear at Ren’s Pets. CAA Members save 10% when shopping online or in-store.

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Don’t let winter take you by surprise. Get prepared for the cold months ahead and use your CAA Membership to score great deals!

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