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6 Secret Tips to Save on Travel!

Don’t blow your travel budget. Here are six little-known ways to save on your next vacation!

It’s the Holy Grail of booking travel: finding that perfect package, at just the right price, in the destination of your dreams. But the stars don’t have to align in order to save money. Just follow CAA’s six secret tips to get travel savvy!

Six Secret Tips to Save on Travel

  1. Take the road less travelled
    It’s Economics 101: where the crowds go, the prices are higher. Avoid sky-rocketing prices, by travelling off the beaten path. Vacation off-season and be flexible with your travel dates, for example leave mid-week instead of on the weekend. Research ahead of time for unusual attractions that are free or inexpensive, as opposed to visiting the bigger tourist traps.

  2. Book early
    Contrary to popular belief, last-minute booking isn’t the only – or the best – way to net serious travel savings. While it’s true that some deals can be found closer to the date of travel, the choices are limited only to what’s available – and it might be slim pickings. In fact, leaving your travel bookings to the eleventh hour can even backfire, leaving you with higher costs for flights and hotels.

  3. Be picky
    Some destinations are just inherently expensive. Don’t waste time looking for a steal in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. While you may find a hotel deal or two, depending on the season, other costs can blow up your travel budget, such as the cost of eating out or entertainment. Be choosy; shortlist your destinations to only those that offer good value. Find out what the current exchange rate is and visit somewhere with a favourable rate. Your hard-earned dollar will go further.

  4. Use your CAA Membership card
    Your CAA card offers more than reliable Roadside Assistance. As a CAA Member, you automatically get discounts at the biggest names in hotels, car rentals and restaurants. Be sure to check out CAA Rewards® partners for discounts at Best Western, VIA Rail, Enterprise, Park’N Fly, and even the Ottawa International Airport. Visit your nearest CAA Travel Store with your Membership card in hand for discounts on Travel Insurance and travel accessories!

  5. Don’t go it alone.
    Think travel agents are going the way of the dinosaur? Think again. When it comes to trip planning, travel agents save you time and money with their industry expertise. They’re aware of special promotions and supplier offers that the general public doesn’t have access to. Plus, they’re able to save you endless hours scrolling through websites comparison shopping. The truly travel-savvy never risk going it alone – they enlist the expert help of a CAA Travel Professional.

  6. Redeem CAA Dollars®.
    Did you know that you can use the CAA Dollars you’ve accumulated to pay for travel? Every time you shop at a CAA Travel store and book travel with one of our agents you earn CAA Dollars. You can also earn CAA Dollars with select participating CAA Rewards partners online and in-store. And, because each CAA Dollar equals $1 CAD, saving up for your dream trip has never been so easy! You can even redeem your CAA Dollars on travel merchandise and travel insurance.

Planning a getaway on a budget is as easy as speaking with your CAA Travel Professional! Get the inside scoop on the best destinations for value, budget-friendly activities, insurance plans, and more by calling CAA Travel at 613-820-1890 or 1-800-267-8713, or visiting your nearest CAA Travel store.