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Read the latest COVID-19 updates from CAA North & East Ontario.

An enamel cup with print is held by a hand against the backdrop of a forest.

Daycation. Staycation. Vacation. That’s a lot of choice.

A long, long time ago – two summers ago, to be exact – life was simple.

The sunny days showed up, trips were planned, bags were packed, and the fun began. It was all so….so delightfully straightforward.

These days, in 2021, taking time off is a bit more complicated, and it’s not just because of the pandemic and health protocols. We don’t just think about where we’re going anymore, but how we’re going to do it.

Do you take a full-on vacation? A week of staycation? Or just a quick level-set daycation?

Then there’s the issue of where: in north and east Ontario, the choices are a varied as the landscape. Whatever it is you want to experience, this is your playground. From urban retreats for two to canoe-in camping for families and everything in between (blackflies and mosquitos aside), there’s something for everyone.

In other words, summer road trips in Ontario are not one-size-fits-all. And neither is how CAA can help make them happen.

For one thing, we’ve introduced a new way of doing Membership. The levels are the same – Classic®, Plus®, Premier® and Rewards® – but every level now has its own discounts and deals. The higher up the level, the greater the discounts and the bigger the deals.

Rolling on two wheels this summer? No worries. Our Rewards Memberships now include Bike Assist for cyclists who run into problems (as do our Classic, Plus and Premier Memberships). Plus, you get access to discounts on great cycling gear in CAA Stores.

That’s just the staycationers and daycationers. The further afield you roam, the more a CAA Membership can do.

Stock up on equipment and maps at our stores. Pack your CAA luggage with supplies from our Rewards partners. And before you leave, make sure your house, car, and life insurance are all in order. (Hot take: CAA Insurance also offers CAA MyPace, Canada's only pay-as-you-drive auto insurance payment program that let's you pay only for the distance you drive in 1,000 km increments after you pay a base rate.)

In fact, if a CAA Membership doesn’t help nearly every aspect of your summer holidays, you’re probably not doing it right.

How are you spending your summer? Any way you want.

Life isn’t one-size-fits-all. Neither is CAA.