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Family getting in a new car just purchased

So your new car already comes with a Roadside Assistance plan?
Here's why you still need CAA.

You drive your new car off the lot feeling on top of the world with your new wheels, fresh new car smell and complete protection from your Manufacturer’s Roadside Assistance Plan (MRAP). Or so you think. An MRAP, which is often thrown in with the sale of a new vehicle to sweeten the pot, is unfortunately not as robust a plan as is often assumed by car-buyers. Depending on the terms in the plan and, more importantly, what’s included and excluded in the fine print, your MRAP could leave you stranded at the side of a road when you need it most.

In fact, a CAA Membership and its world-class Emergency Roadside Service program go much further to protecting you than most MRAPs ever will. That’s because a CAA Membership covers YOU – no matter what car you might be driving, including rental vehicles, and even if you happen to just be the passenger.

Swapping cars with your husband? Got stuck driving the old lemon this week? Or driving a rental that you’re just not too sure about? Maybe you’re getting a lift from a friend… Whatever your driving situation may be, CAA’s Roadside Assistance team will take care of you – unlike an MRAP, which typically covers just the car, and not the individual person.

Let’s say you’ve driven up to the cottage in a friend’s car when, suddenly, the engine peters out. If you call a local tow truck company, chances are you’ll be towed to the nearest manufacturer’s dealership – which could be miles away from either your home or work. Luckily, you’ve got a CAA Membership, which means you and your friend will be towed to the location of your choice. That’s because you can count on CAA for offering customer service first, which means getting towed to where you want to go (within mileage limitations).

Suppose your car just won’t start one morning. A CAA tow truck will come to your home if you happen to need servicing from there. Contrast that with some MRAPS that only offer limited provisions for home-based service calls or even none at all. In fact, there are a range of Roadside Assistance services that CAA offers its Members that an MRAP does not. These include free Bike Assist recoveries and the Drive You Home service for CAA Plus and Premier Memberships, in which CAA will do just that in situations where it is not safe for you to get behind the wheel, for whatever reason (including illness, injury, and alcohol impairment). What’s more, an MRAP only covers you for the duration of your new car’s warranty, which is usually only three to five years. When that warranty runs out, you are on your own.

But a CAA Membership covers you from the moment you join. It’s that reliable peace of mind that we offer our Members that has made us the largest most trusted consumer based car club in Canada, with 6.5 Million Members. Add to that:

  • CAA Roadside Assistance®: As a member, you have access to CAA Emergency Road Services (ERS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • CAA Travel®: Take your pick of unique travel packages and perks you can’t get booking on your own.
  • CAA Rewards®: Show your Membership card at more than 126,000 CAA partner locations worldwide and save instantly!
  • CAA Insurance®: CAA Members get membership rates home, auto, health and travel medical insurance.
  • A free subscription to the quarterly CAA Magazine delivered right to your door; and so much more!
  • It’s all yours just for joining CAA! If you’re not yet a member, join today – call 1-800-222-4357click here, or visit your nearest CAA Travel store.