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Peace of Mind with CAA Drive You Home

Services may be limited or disrupted due to adherence to Public Health guidelines and directives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for more information.

You've broken your glasses and realized you should not drive your car. Your visit to the dentist entailed more than you planned for and the sedation is taking longer than expected to wear off, but you must get home for your children.

These are just a few situations you may find yourself in when it is not advisable to drive your car. We're here to help! Consider Drive You Home - a benefit available to CAA Members who find themselves in circumstances when it is not safe for them to get behind the wheel of their vehicle (such as illness, injury or alcohol impairment)*.

Drive you home...peace of mind for your safety

Call 1-800-CAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357)

Details about Drive You Home

  • This service is available for CAA Plus and CAA Premier Members only (RVs are excluded).
  • Your vehicle will be towed to a safe location, such as your home, within the service region (tow of up to a maximum of 25 km) and we will provide a ride in the tow truck cab for you, the Member. Additional kilometres will be charged at CAA prevailing rates.
  • This tow counts as one of your allotted service calls per annual membership.
  • A Member who is temporarily incapacitated and unable to drive is entitled to one Drive You Home service call per membership year.
  • Situations where a driver is temporarily incapacitated include: over tiredness, medical conditions such as drowsiness, wooziness, broken bones, stress, sudden illness, broken glasses, a physician's order, and intoxication.
  • Only one allotted service call per membership year can be used as a Drive you Home call.

* Calls will be prioritized the same as other service calls, with priority placed on the evidence of any immediate safety concerns. If long waiting periods are necessitated by inclement weather conditions, the Member will be notified and offered alternate suggestions, like taking a cab home and arranging a tow for the next day. Only one Member and their car get taken home. We will assist any individuals accompanying the Member to find other means of transportation (i.e. taxi). **CAA Drive You Home may not be available in all club regions.

FAQs about Drive You Home

Drive You Home is a benefit that will be available to Members who find themselves in a situation where - for whatever reason - they should not get behind the wheel in order to help ensure their own safety, and the safety of other road users.

Drive You Home is available to CAA North & East Ontario Plus and Premier Members (RVs are excluded).

This new benefit is intended for use by Members who find themselves temporarily incapacitated. Example situations where a driver may be temporarily unable to drive include: extreme fatigue, illness, injury, drowsiness from medication, broken glasses, compromised eyesight, a physician's order, and intoxication.

Drive You Home is available anywhere the Club provides roadside assistance. Service will not be provided to inaccessible areas.

As with any service call, requests for Drive You Home service will be prioritized based on the evidence of any immediate safety concerns. In instances of long wait times due to inclement weather, the Member will be notified of the situation and offered alternate transportation suggestions, such as taking a taxi home and arranging to have the vehicle towed during the next available period.

Members who are eligible for Drive You Home are permitted to make use of this service once per membership year.

Yes, a call to request this service will count as one of the provided service calls for that respective membership.

On arrival to tow the vehicle, if there is more than one passenger the CAA driver will provide the option of calling a taxi on the Member's behalf and towing the vehicle to the requested location without the Member riding along in the truck.