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Road is flooded
Top 5 Questions About Roadside Assistance…Answered!
July 2nd, 2021
CAA Emergency Roadside Assistance Service Flat Tire, Battery Service, Fuel Delivery, Towing, Locksmith Coverage in Ottawa


A family heads out for a canoe trip. Red canoes against a green field.
5 Fun Things to do with your Family this Summer
June 30th, 2021
School’s out! Here are five fun ways to make the most of your summer break, with CAA Rewards®!


Bridge in the forest
Travelling Within Canada: What to Know Before You Go
July 20th, 2021
Planning a trip within Canada? Here’s the inside scoop on what you should know before you go.


woman driving car covered by CAA Auto Insurance
Top 4 Insurance Myths (and #3 is so surprising!)
May 24th, 2021
How much do you know really about insurance? Here are four commonly-held beliefs you might not know about.


A couple are nestled together and the girl hold a heart shaped stone in hand
Got a question about CAA? Our Members have the answers!
June 21st, 2021
Recently, we searched the most commonly asked questions on Google about CAA and our Members answered them with incredibly inspiring, heartfelt stories about how CAA has made their lives a little better. Here are our favourites.