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Read the latest COVID-19 updates from CAA North & East Ontario.
CAA Stores are now open for curbside pick-up, as well as virtual appointments by phone and email! Click here for details (terms and conditions apply).


Your CAA Membership starts with best-in-class roadside assistance. Read about how you can take the best care of your car and other automotive related topics here.

Tips to Keep your Car in Check during the Lockdown
Working from home? Staying inside? Even if your car sits in the driveway, problems can arise. Here's how to prevent them.
How to Prevent a Dead Car Battery
Driving less these days? If so, your car could be susceptible to battery failure.
A person attempts to boost their battery in winter.
5 Signs Your Car Battery is Dying
If your battery is teetering on its last leg, a cold snap could be the crowning blow that leaves you stuck with a car that won’t start.
RV driving along the famed Route 66 in the United States
Word on the Street
A holiday rescue on this famed U.S. highway was enough to convince a CAA Member of the value of joining the auto club.
A car is being lifted onto a tow truck.
CAA in the Driver’s Seat
What happens when you work for CAA, and end up needing roadside assistance? Read on to find out!