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How CAA-Savvy Are You?

Test your knowledge of Canada’s oldest and largest Member-based organization to find your level of CAA expertise!

1. CAA is…

A.     A member-based provider of emergency roadside service.

B.     A full-service travel agency.

C.      An auto and home insurance company.

D.     All of the above (and more!)

2. CAA's Emergency Roadside Service covers:

A.     My car.

B.     Me, no matter what vehicle I’m in/on (including bikes and motorcycles).

C.      My neighbour’s car.

D.     Me on a jet-ski at the cottage.

3.  CAA's RV Memberships cover:

A.     Mobile homes only. 

B.     Mobile homes and tent trailers.

C.      Mobile homes, boat trailers, ATV trailers, and more.

D.     Only RV’s that have been featured in major motion picture films.

4. Which of the following is not a true statement about CAA’s Mobile Battery Program?

A.     CAA’s Mobile Battery Service will deliver and install a premium battery.

B.     The service is available in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Sudbury and North Bay.

C.      The service is available only to CAA Premier Members.

D.     All CAA Batteries have North America-wide warranty.

5. At CAA Travel stores, show your card to receive: 

A.     Free hand sanitizer.

B.     Special CAA Members-only discount of 15% off all merchandise, plus free TourBooks® and travel guides

C.      A CAA-branded shopping bag, for all of your purchases.

D.     A brand-new car battery.

6. CAA Insurance offers coverage for:

A.     Only old cars.

B.     Travel, but only in Canada and the continental U.S.

C.      Auto, Property, Life, Health & Dental, and Travel.

D.     Those over the age of 65.

7. Which of the following statements about CAA Memberships is true?

A.     You cannot add a family member who lives with you to your CAA Membership.

B.     You can add a family member as an Associate Member, but only when you sign-up.

C.      Associate Members do not receive the same services as Primary Members.

D.     You can add a family member who lives with you as an Associate Member at any time.

8. CAA Travel does not offer the following services:

A.     Friendly and knowledgeable travel planning services, available virtually at and over the phone at 1-800-267-8713.

B.     Chaperoning services for all sizes of tour groups.

C.      Free passport photos for CAA Plus and Premier Members (available  at minimal cost for Classic  Members)

D.     TourBooks, travel guides and online TripTiks® designed to help your travels go smoothly.

 9. CAA advocates:

A.     On issues of concern to its members, including road safety, the environment, mobility, infrastructure and consumer protection.

B.     On issues pertaining only to the towing industry.

C.      For greater oversight of the travelling public.

D.     For more celebrity gossip.

10. As a CAA Member, I can:

A.     Access emergency roadside service anywhere in Canada, the continental U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii).

B.     Get peace-of-mind with a range of insurance options designed to protect me, my greatest assets, and my overall financial well-being.

C.       Save money instantly and earn CAA Dollars® when I present my CAA Membership card at thousands of participating CAA Rewards® partner locations.

D.     All of the above.


1.  D

2.  B

3.  C

4.  C

5.  B

6.  C

7.  D

8.  B

9.  A

10. D

Knowledgeable Navigator (6-8 Points)

You might need a map to navigate CAA’s many offerings, but you’re well on your way to understanding how you can maximize your CAA Membership. Visit to discover all that CAA North & East Ontario can offer you!

Mellow Motorist (4-6 Points)
You’re not stuck at the side of the road, but you could definitely use a boost. Up your knowledge of CAA and what it does for members, from advocating on behalf of its six million members, to helping them on the road, and more, by visiting

Student Driver (Under 4 Points)

You might be new to CAA or not yet a Member. Either way, it’s time to find out just what Canada’s oldest and largest member-based organization is all about.  Visit to get started on your CAA journey.