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Piggy Bank

What are CAA Dollars®?

CAA Members can earn CAA Dollars® by showing their Membership card at participating partner locations in-store and online. It’s your exclusive currency to shop at CAA. Redeem CAA Dollars on renewing or upgrading your Membership, purchasing attraction tickets in CAA Stores, booking your next family vacation, and more.

One CAA Dollar = 1 Dollar Canadian

Save or spend? It’s up to you!

Save up your CAA Dollars to decide where and when to spend them. This allows you to save up for that next big purchase, like travel or attraction tickets. Or with Spend, your CAA Dollars is automatically applied to your CAA Membership renewal. The choice is yours. Log in to My Account to select whether you want to save or spend.

How do I earn CAA Dollars?

Earning CAA Dollars is easy! Just shop at CAA Rewards partners and earn CAA Dollars as cash back for your purchases. Find our all the partners where you can earn CAA Dollars here.

What can I do with my CAA Dollars?

You can use your CAA Dollars for the following CAA products and services:

  • Upgrade your Membership: Get more out of CAA by upgrading your current coverage.
  • Renew your CAA Membership: Apply your CAA Dollars towards your Membership renewal costs.
  • Buy CAA Store merchandise: Use your CAA Dollars to purchase luggage, travel merchandise, accessories and apparel.
  • Buy movie or attraction tickets: Contact a CAA Store to purchase movie tickets or attraction tickets and pay with CAA Dollars!
  • Book your next trip: Your CAA Dollars can be used to purchase travel at any of our CAA Stores.
  • Buy a Gift Membership: Give the gift of CAA and pay with your CAA Dollars.
  • Pay or Renew your CAA Insurance: Use CAA Dollars as payment towards your insurance policies.
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Enjoy the perks of being part of the Club, every day.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Partners and offers are subject to change without notice. All trademarks are the property of their respective owner(s).

CAA Dollars Terms & Conditions To earn and redeem CAA Dollars, you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). Do not let your membership lapse or you will forfeit any accumulated CAA Dollars. CAA Dollars can be used to renew or upgrade your Membership, buy CAA store merchandise, buy movie and attraction tickets at CAA Stores, book your next trip through CAA Travel, buy a gift Membership, or pay or renew your CAA Insurance. CAA Dollars will automatically be applied to your Membership renewal if your account is set to "spend". If your account is set to "save", CAA Dollars will stay in your account until you choose to use them.