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Introducing the CAA Rewards Assistant!

Never miss an opportunity to save or earn with CAA Rewards! The new CAA Rewards Assistant will notify you of exclusive CAA offers when you visit the websites of CAA Rewards partners.

The Rewards Assistant is a Google Chrome extension - install it on your browser and get notified when there is an eligible Rewards partner offer for you to use when you shop!

Download today

Image showing Google Chrome web store, with CAA Rewards Assistant to install

Step 1

Install the CAA Rewards Assistant from the Google Chrome store.

Once it is installed, you will see a CAA logo in the top right-hand section of your browser screen.

Image of CAA North & East Ontario website with login screen for CAA Rewards Assistant showing

Step 2

Log in with your CAA Membership Number.

Once you are logged in, the CAA logo will turn blue. If you are not logged in, it will be grey.

Image of CAA North & East Ontario website with CAA Rewards Assistant showing a message over it

Step 3

Start Shopping and earn CAA Dollars®! When you visit a partner website, the icon will start flashing to notify you that there is an eligible offer available. Click on the icon to have the offer box open up to read the details.

Please note that CAA Dollars can take 30-90 days to appear in your CAA Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the CAA Rewards Assistant is coloured grey, it means you are not currently signed in with your CAA Membership number. NOTE: you must be signed in for the CAA Rewards Assistant to recommend offers. To sign in, click on the CAA Rewards Assistant and then enter your CAA Membership number.

If the CAA Rewards Assistant icon is blinking, it means there is an active offer for the retailer whose page you are on. Click on the CAA Rewards Assistant icon to view the offer.

You only need to sign in one time. The CAA Rewards Assistant will remember your CAA Membership number each time you open the browser. If you want to login with a different CAA Membership number, you should open the Rewards Assistant and click the "logout" button.

The CAA Rewards Assistant currently supports the Google Chrome browser. We are evaluating future support for other popular browsers.

There are two types of offers that the CAA Rewards Assistant will highlight:

  • In-store: These offers are available only when shopping in-store. The details of the offer will be described in the CAA Rewards Assistant
  • Online: These offers are available online. You must click the Shop Now link to activate the offer before making your purchase

It make take up to 90 days for some transactions to appear. If you do not see the transaction in your account after 90 days, please contact us with the following information: CAA Membership number, the date of the transaction, the name of the retailer, the invoice number and the pre-tax purchase amount.

We hope that you don't ever want to remove the CAA Rewards Assistant, but if you do, you simply right click on the CAA icon and chose "remove from chrome".

Partners and offers subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.