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A male driver buckling his seat belt

For more than 100 years, CAA North & East Ontario has been advocating on behalf of Members and motorists on the issues that affect them, with a focus on making roads in our communities safer for all – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Screengrab of one of the videos for CAA's Do Anything But Drive campaign
Cannabis Edibles

CAA is working with government and health partners to raise awareness about the dangers of driving after ingesting cannabis edibles. Public health authorities warn that edibles can stay in your system for up to 12 hours. Our national video campaign, Do Anything But Drive, carries a simple message for young adults: if you’re going to do edibles, do anything but drive.

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Cannabis-Impaired Driving

CAA has been working with government to ensure road safety is a top priority with the legalization of cannabis. In CAA’s most recent national opinion polling, seven in 10 Canadians stated that they were concerned about their safety on the road with the legalization of marijuana. CAA advocates in support of clear laws, tools for law enforcement, and greater awareness of the consequences of impaired driving.

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Distracted Driving

CAA believes laws, enforcement and public education are all part of a solution to reduce driver distraction. Together with fellow traffic safety partners, CAA is working to raise awareness about the dangers associated with distracted driving. Check out our latest video campaign to encourage motorists to #UnplugAndDrive!

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Heads Up!

The Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act passed in 2015 in order to address road safety issues and changes to the Highway Traffic Act. The CAA Heads Up! Public awareness campaign complements these changes by communicating the new road rules for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

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CAA tow truck with smiling driver
National Day of Safety for Tow Truck Operators

Across North America, nearly 100 tow truck drivers are killed each year after being struck by oncoming traffic while helping stranded motorist. CAA North & East Ontario understands the risks roadside workers face every day and aims to raise more awareness about what motorists can do to protect them by appointing the second Tuesday in May as National Day of Safety for Tow Truck Operators. Read more about it here. Roads and highways are the workplaces for those helping to clear the road, motorists are reminded to please slow down and move over. It’s not just a courtesy, it’s the law: failure to move over could cost drivers between $490 and $2,000, plus three demerit points. See more here.

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A female student driver with female instructor in a car
Student Drivers

The CAA online information portal offers extensive information for teen drivers and their parents. Teens can find tips about getting ready to drive, learning the rules of the road, and heading out solo for the first time. Parents can put their minds at ease after reviewing information on supervising teen drivers and getting them ready to take the wheel.

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a child wearing a CAA vest helping kids onto a school bus
CAA School Safety Program

The CAA School Safety Patrol program has more than 20,000 student volunteers in Ontario. Student Patrollers encourage and model safe behaviour to other students and the greater community.

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Senior man smiling out car window
Senior Driving

Stay safe on the road longer with advice on adjusting your driving habits as you age. The CAA online Senior Driving Tool has a wealth of information to help you navigate the road ahead. Learn how to maintain and assess your driving skills and how to adjust your driving habits to drive safely longer.

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