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Read the latest COVID-19 updates from CAA North & East Ontario.
CAA Stores are open for Membership purchases and renewals only. CAA Insurance Agents and CAA Travel Consultants are available by phone or virtual appointment. Click here for details.

Third lockdown, stay-at-home order

Third lockdown, Ontario? We got this.

It may feel like we’ve been here before – and we have – but for CAA, the only thing that’s changed is how we’re offering all the services that make life a little better.

After all, even if your commute is just to the curbside, life doesn’t stop because of a lockdown. All the same stuff needs to happen.

Kids needs to be entertained. Winter tires need to be changed. Appointments have to be kept and the cupboards kept stocked.

For CAA Members, all that stuff is just a bit easier to do. And a bit easier on the budget, too.

Here’s a few examples:

CAA Temporary Delivery Service. Get your groceries or medicine in a safe service designed to make social distancing a little easier. Members who have compromised immune systems or are over the age of 65+ can receive this service free-of-charge.

CAA Social Calls. We're reaching out to let you know we care. Available to the general public, and not just CAA Members, anyone who requests a call can expect a friendly CAA voice on the other end of the line. This service is designed to ensure that the isolated and vulnerable remain in good spirits during the stay-at-home order.

Mobile Battery Service. The less you drive, the more likely your battery is likely to fail. Book CAA’s Mobile Battery Service to check – or change – your battery in your own driveway.

Mobile Tire Service. If you haven’t already, get your on-rim snow tires swapped with our Mobile Tire Service. Book online and our team will show up to do a contactless and cost-effective swap at your home. CAA Plus® and Premier® Members save even more for this great service.

Bike Assist. If you’re rolling on two wheels, CAA Rewards now has one Bike Assist roadside service to get you off the road safely.

Curbside pick-up for biking essentials. Beginning in May, CAA Stores will be stocked with a range of high-quality biking products. From helmets, gloves and repair kits, to cycling bags and a phone charger to stow in it. Hop online then hop on your bike for quick and contactless curbside pickup.

Shop our Rewards® eStore partners. If online shopping was ever going to have a moment, it would be now. From restaurant takeout and fashion to tires and sports gear, our Rewards shopping experience is peak.

CAA MyPace™ – Auto Insurance Payment Program. If you’re driving less these days, switch your car insurance over to CAA MyPace, Canada's only pay-as-you-drive insurance payment program, allowing you to take control of your auto insurance premiums.

CAA Mobile App. Wherever you are, you’re taking CAA with you on your phone. Our mobile app gives you personalized savings, news content, key info and best of all, a CAA Service Tracker with an estimated arrival.

Click here for up-to-date information from CAA North & East Ontario related to COVID-19.

*The CAA Store in Parry Sound is only open for virtual travel and insurance appointments. Curbside pick-up is not available at this location. Terms and conditions apply.