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CAA Home and Auto Insurance Experts Share Their Insights

We asked CAA’s home and auto insurance experts for their insights. Here’s what they had to say.

What are the basics of insurance policies that everyone should know?

To legally drive in Ontario, auto insurance policies must include coverage for at least $200,000 in Third-Party Liability, Accident Benefits, Uninsured Motorists and Direct Compensation Property Damage. Drivers can also purchase optional coverage for loss or damage to their vehicle, such as Collision or Comprehensive, or optional endorsements, like Loss of Use.

The two main aspects of home insurance coverage are Property and Liability. Property insurance includes your house and any detached structures on your premises. Personal items for you and your family members could be covered if they’re damaged at home or temporarily away from your home. Home Liability coverage is included with every CAA Home Insurance (1) policy. It protects you and your family if you’re found legally responsible for unintentional injuries to other people or damage to their property.

Additional options include Comprehensive Water Coverage for water damage up to the agreed coverage limit; Home Equipment Breakdown for unexpected mechanical, electrical or pressure system breakdowns and Service Line Coverage (2) for losses from damage or failure in the service lines that run from the street to your home. Legal Expense Insurance (3) is included at no additional cost as part of a CAA Home Insurance policy.

Does CAA provide more types of coverage or offer better rates than other providers?

Since 1974, CAA Insurance has provided Canadians with great coverage, outstanding claims services and competitive rates on auto and property insurance. CAA insurance agents take pride in offering innovative coverage and programs to fit customers’ needs. Plus, bundling your auto and home insurance with CAA can save you up to 12.5% on home insurance and 5% on auto insurance (4). Bundling will also get you complimentary CAA Tire Coverage (1).

How does the claim process work?

We work with you throughout the entire claim process—from initial response through final resolution—to provide fast, caring service and to settle your claim. In the event of a claim, if it’s an emergency, call us right away at 1-877-222-1717. You can also submit a claim online at

What’s the easiest way to reduce home and auto insurance premiums?

One way to reduce rates is to review your policy with one of our licensed insurance agents, who will provide a complete review of coverage and discounts. CAA Insurance also offers great savings and perks such as Forgive and Forget® protection plans and complimentary CAA Tire Coverage for bundling auto and home insurance. Maintaining a claims-free record can also help to keep premiums low. Last but not least, CAA Members save 10% on CAA Home Insurance (4).

When and how should home and car owners get a policy review?

The best time for a policy review is when you receive your renewal paperwork from your current carrier. Visit your local CAA Store or call to talk with a licensed agent who can provide a no-obligation quote.

Have more insurance questions? Visit a CAA Store or call 1-877-222-1717.

®CAA trademarks are owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association. ®Forgive and Forget is a trademark owned by CAA Insurance Company.

(1) Auto & Property Insurance and CAA Tire Coverage are underwritten by CAA Insurance Company.

(2) Underwritten by CAA Insurance Company, claims administered by Mutual Boiler Re.

(3) DAS acts as the insurance manager for CAA Legal Coverage and CAA Legal Plus Coverage and has the authority to administer claims.

CAA Legal Coverage is included on home policies. Please see policy wordings for coverage details. Coverage is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions for the Legal Expense Insurance policy.

(4) Subject to certain conditions and approvals. Underwriting eligibility rules apply.