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Duchesnay Falls in autumn near North Bay

Josh Cappadocia is the face of CAA Insurance at CAA North Bay. Get to know what drives this CAA Insurance Agent, and how passionate he is to serve clients and CAA Members.

Josh Cappadocia CAA Insurance Agent North Bay

Josh Cappadocia is a North Bay boy, through and through. When he speaks of his hometown, it’s with nothing short of pride. “It’s my home, the backyard I grew up in – always has been and always will be,” he says with a smile. “My family’s roots go back a long way here; my clients are the people who grew up in the same neighbourhood as my grandparents. I am constantly dealing with people who either directly or indirectly know me or my family.”

That same pride is reflected in his passion for working for CAA Insurance.

“You get to help people in your own community, that you can relate to…CAA has always been a family company.”

A chance encounter with a job posting years ago led him to become fully licensed and trained in the insurance business and it’s a career that – as luck would have it – Josh is a perfect fit for. “Helping people has always been #1 for me. I enjoy conversation and I am able to incorporate my skills and what I like to do with work and that has been a difference-maker.”

It’s a career that he is very much grateful for. “I pride myself in explaining what I am doing, explaining the coverages, explaining what CAA does and what we care about.” While a client can purchase insurance from hundreds of different service providers, Josh says that what CAA offers as a brand separates it from the competition. It comes down to trust and value.

“Money is very important, I don’t care if you are twenty or in your seventies, every dollar counts, he says. “I do my best to listen to people and understand where they are coming from and whether I can help them in that moment or not; I am always giving them advice.”

When the COVID19 pandemic struck in March of 2019, Josh’s empathetic and trustworthy personality, itself a reflection of CAA Insurance’s brand values,

was appreciated by his clients. “The pandemic brought a unique perspective,” Josh recounts, noting the increase in phone calls from clients who needed to change coverages or work out payment arrangements. “CAA Insurance led other insurance companies by giving back more than $60 million to help policyholders manage their expenses in these difficult times.”

It's already evident what makes Josh good at what he does, and he smiles when asked. “I am attentive, I have respect, and I am going to do the best job I can. That is how I was raised and how I was taught. So I will always give 110%,” Josh says. “I think your energy, your attitude and whatever you are going to bring day-in and day-out is going to reflect out.”

“Customer service is just as important as selling a policy. I have to be there for my clients when they call me – a lot of people have general questions and they feel comfortable calling me. They know I will call them back with the answer they need.”

To illustrate the point, Josh recounts the story of a client who came into the Sudbury CAA Store recently when he happened

to be working there covering a shift. The customer came in after purchasing a brand new Cadillac from an auto show in Detroit that was being shipped up to him. “I love Cadillacs,” Josh says with a smile. “I don’t know what it is, but even as a young kid I remember thinking that Cadillacs were just a cool car.”

Josh and the client started talking about the car’s insurance needs. They ran into a stumbling block with the Vehicle Identification Number as the car was coming up from the U.S. and had not been registered in Canada yet. This was a big deal for the client as he wanted to make sure that there was insurance on the vehicle when it arrived. Josh made a few calls to his underwriting department and found a solution for this client. A few weeks later, the client surprised Josh at the North Bay CAA Store, a 90-minute drive away, and brought him a coffee just to say thanks in person.

Get to know Josh! Visit CAA North Bay, 955 McKeown Avenue, Unit 3B or give him a call at 705-497-8401. For more information, visit

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