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RV driving along the famed Route 66 in the United States

Rescue on Route 66

A holiday rescue on this famed U.S. highway was enough to convince a CAA Member of the value of joining the auto club.

No matter how far from home you happen to be, CAA is there for you. Just ask Chris Hayes, a decade-long Member who’s used it more than a few times over the past several years – even once while on holiday in the United States.

“Years ago, we were driving our RV to Florida from Ontario on Route 66,” says Chris. “Crossing from I-81 to I-95, our rear tire blew with such a force that some of the shredded tire ripped the propane line out of the stove… fortunately, we had the bottles turned off.”

But unfortunately, the accident happened on the Fourth of July and Chris knew that many garages would be closed for Independence Day. Uncertain of his next move, he called CAA, hoping they could help him find an open garage at the very least. To his relief, CAA sent help instead, and an hour later an AAA tow truck arrived to the rescue.

After having their tire changed, the Hayes family were on their way to enjoy the rest of their vacation. “I have very rarely needed to call upon my CAA emergency service, but the very few times I have it has made life so much easier,” Chris says.

For the Hayes family, a CAA Membership offers the peace-of-mind of knowing that help is always there when you need it. “The moral of our story is, you may not need CAA often, but when you do, it sure can be a lifesaver!”

“The moral of our story is, you may not need CAA often, but when you do, it sure can be a lifesaver!” - Chris Hayes, CAA Member since 2011

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