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CAA, There for You Every Day

You know CAA for our reliable roadside assistance, but being a Member is so much more than that! Not only will a Membership protect you in any car – even if you're just the passenger – but it also protects your home, health, and dental care, with CAA's trusted insurance services. Or show your CAA card while you shop in-store and online for more savings at hundreds of CAA Rewards® partners! From getting takeout for dinner to shopping online, your CAA card is there to help you save. And, when the time is right, your Membership will get you access to exclusive travel benefits on hotels and vacations across the country, and around the world. No matter where you choose to go, or what you want to do - CAA is there for you!

When you add it all up, why wouldn't you join the Club?

Join Over 6 Million Canadians and Get CAA!

For a limited time, SAVE 10% when you purchase a new CAA Primary Plus® or Premier® Membership.

Join online and enter promo code WEB10%.

CAA is There for You with Roadside Assistance

Your CAA Membership protects you and the vehicle you’re in, whether it’s your car or not.  You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that CAA offers the highest level of customer service for our Members.  Whether your commute is long or short, or you require extra protection or coverage – there’s a plan for you.  Join today and rest assured that CAA is there for you.