Protect your electronics and appliances against unexpected mechanical, electrical or pressure-system breakdowns with our comprehensive and affordable coverage. Home Equipment Breakdown coverage from CAA protects the equipment you depend on every day, including kitchen and laundry appliances, heating and cooling systems, personal computers and more.

When would Home Equipment Breakdown coverage help me?

  • Green coverage: If your equipment requires replacement, we’ll replace it with a similar unit that features an Energy Star rating. It’s better for the environment, safer and more energy efficient.

  • Off-premises coverage: You’ll be covered up to $10,000 for loss or damage to covered property resulting from a covered "Equipment Breakdown" while temporarily at a premises or location that is not a "described location".

  • Living expense: You’ll be covered if your home becomes uninhabitable and you have to stay at a hotel while your equipment that experienced a breakdown is repaired or replaced.

  • If repairs exceed replacement costs, your equipment will be replaced with a similar unit.

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If you have CAA Home Insurance, you're eligible to receive Home Equipment Breakdown coverage for as little as $29/year!

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Specific Examples

  • PCs & Laptop: A desktop computer, printer and laptop were plugged into the same electrical outlet. The circuit overloaded causing electrical damage to all the equipment. Repairs exceeded replacement costs, so the owner opted to replace all three.

    Preventative tip: Unplug one or more devices when not in use to reduce the risk of overloading.

  • Green Coverage: Replacing a covered piece of equipment with a similar unit that has an Energy Star or similar Green rating will allow you to recoup up to 125% of the replacement cost. By encouraging homeowners to choose more eco-friendly alternatives, Home Equipment Breakdown Insurance plays a valuable role in helping to make our planet a better place to live.

  • Range/Oven: The igniter on a gas stove failed to light and required repair.

    Preventative tip: Clean the burners regularly to prevent moisture and dirt buildup.

  • Refrigerator: The compressor failed, causing your refrigerator to overheat. Repair was required as well as compensation for food spoilage.

    Preventative tip: Ensure the vents and coils are free from dust to ensure optimal performance.

  • Media System: A storm caused a power outage in the neighbourhood. Three flat-panel televisions in the home were on when the outage occurred. When power was restored, a voltage spike in the power lines damaged all three TV units beyond repair. All three required replacements.

    Preventative tip: Installing a surge protector can help prevent damage from voltage spikes.

  • Dishwasher: A stray utensil jammed the sprayer arm, causing the motor to seize and burn out.

    Preventative tip: Properly secure all plates and utensils and clear debris from your dishwasher's sprayer arms to increase performance.

  • Pool Filtration System: The 3-hp motor powering the filter mechanically seized and needed to be replaced.

    Preventative tip: Skim your pool regularly to clear debris and install fencing or shrubbery to reduce the cooling effect of winds.

  • AC System: The compressor inside the air conditioning system failed and needed to be replaced.

    Preventative tip: Schedule a professional tune-up once a year to inspect the fan, compressor, coils and refrigerant lines.

  • Lawn Tractor: An electrical short caused the main wiring harness between the ignition keyed switch and the main fuse to melt, rendering the mower unusable. Installation of a new wiring harness was required.

    Preventative tip: Avoid plowing leaves and other debris which can ignite with hot exhaust or engine parts.

  • Deep Well Pump: Fractured impeller blades damaged the home's deep well pump, requiring excavation, replacement of the pump and temporary relocation of the family.

    Preventative tip: Ensure your pump has a working pressure relief valve to prevent bursting.

  • Vacuum System: An excess of dirt and debris clogged the impeller blades, causing the motor to seize and need replacing.

    Preventative tip: To keep your system running efficiently, clean the filter every time you empty the dust container.

  • Washer/Dryer: A faulty balancer mechanism caused overheating which damaged the washer's transmission and controls. Replacement of the unit was required.

    Preventative tip: Check the rubber hoses regularly for small bubbles or cracks. If unnoticed, they can rupture and lead to water damage and flooding.

  • Electrical Service Panel: A power surge damaged a home's kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, three televisions, clock radios, CD players and telephones. Equipment replacement was required.

    Preventative tip: Installing a surge protector can help prevent damage from voltage spikes.

  • Heating System/Boiler: The boiler's safety relief valve did not open to allow boiling water and steam to escape, causing the boiler to crack. Replacement of the boiler was required.

    Preventative tip: Regular maintenance to remove soot build-up will maximize efficiency and reduce energy costs.

  • Water Heater: The operating control on the water heater failed, creating excessive pressure that caused the tank to rupture and leak. Replacement was necessary. Since the home was temporarily uninhabitable, the family needed to stay at a hotel for two days.

    Preventative tip: Have your water heater regularly inspected and keep track of its purchase/installation dates.

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